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The wait is over! From 9 to 25 February it will finally be staged in South Korea the 23rd edition of Winter Olympic Games PyeongChang. Many Italian athletes at the starting line who will try to raise the name of women, as well as of Italy.

From the queen of short track Ariadne Fontana, standard-bearer of the blue delegation, to the tenacity and experience of Carolina Kostner in figure skating.

From the eclectic Sofia Goggia who will compete in downhill, super giant, giant slalom and combined, a Dorothea Wierer, the woman of the Biathlon (cross-country skiing plus rifle shooting).

Until the very young Lara Malsiner, rising star of the Individual Trampoline.

In total, 48 Italian women will be present at these Olympic Games out of 121, which is the total number of the Azzurri.

Mathematics does not play in our favor but the Blue Team is feared by the opponents also and above all for the incredible athletes who are part of it. Never before on this occasion, in fact, Italy participates in such an important competition with such strong and fit athletes.

But where do the blues come from?

Considering the places of birth, the most represented region is the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, from which 17 Italian athletes come from.

Excellent presence also of the Lombardia with 12 women.

And then Veneto (6), Piedmont (3), the Autonomous Province of Trento (2), Valle d'Aosta (2), Liguria (1) and Lazio (1).

On the other hand, there will be no athletes born south of Rome in the competition, while 4 will be those born abroad and representing Italy.

The competition calendar of the Italian athletes

Biathlon, Freestyle, Figure Skating, Speed ​​Skating, Jumping, Alpine Skiing, Cross-Country Skiing, Short Track, Sledding and Snowboarding: these are the disciplines in which our Italians are ready to make us dream.

And here is the competition calendar of the Italian athletes of the Blue Team:

Martha Bassino (Alpine skiing) - 12/02/2018 - Female giant

Federico Brignone (Alpine skiing) - 12/02/2018 - Female giant

Sofia Goggia (Alpine skiing) - 12/02/2018 - Female descent

Ariadne Fontana (Short track) - 13/02/2018 - Women's 500m final

Alexia Runggaldier (Biathlon) - 14/02/2018 - 15 km individual

Dorothea Wierer (Biathlon) - 14/02/2018 - 15 km individual

Valentina Marchei (Figure skating - couple) 15/02/2018 - Long program

Michele Moioli (Snowboard) - 16/02/2018 - Women's Snowboardcross

Anna Cappellini (Figure skating - dance) - 20/02/2012 - Long program

Carolina Kostner (Figure skating) - 23/02/2018 - Long program

Check all the complete calendar on the Coni official website, in the section RACES.

winter olympics

Watch the time!

We take this opportunity to remind you that there is a difference of 8 hours between Italy and South Korea. This means that in Italy the races will start between 1 and 3 am when in Korea it will be between 9 and 11 in the morning.

The inaugural ceremony will be broadcast in Italy from 12 to 14, and the closing ceremony on 25 February is also scheduled at the same time.

We are all looking forward to watching the opening show! And you?

According to some rumors, the athletes would be quite worried about the cold… The temperatures in the evening go up to -20 ° C! But apparently they have been reassured because the parades of each delegation should not last more than 4/5 minutes.

Meanwhile, the wait is increasing and the Twitter profile of the Cones (Italian National Olympic Committee) continues to make the countdown!

The best wishes from the President of Coni

On the day of February 7, it was inaugurated Home Italy, the headquarters of the blue delegation at the Yongpyong Golf Club.

On that occasion Giovanni Malago, President of Coni, spoke of the expectation of medals and the sense of Italianness that must distinguish all Italian athletes. Furthermore, he added:

"It could be theWomen's Olympics, with many competitive athletes in many disciplines. If I have to choose a symbol, though, it is Nadia Fanchini. With what he has been through, for what he is experiencing, one of his medals would really be something more ”.

The athlete is in fact emotionally involved in the vicissitudes of her sister Elena, also an alpine skier and currently engaged in her biggest challenge against a recently discovered tumor. 

All the Italian athletes at PyeongChang 2018

Olympic circles - The Italian athletes of PyeongChang 2018BIATHLON

  • Dorothea Wierer
  • Nicole Gontier
  • Alexia Runggaldier
  • Federico Sanfilippo
  • Lisa Vittozzi


  • Lucrezia Fantelli
  • Deborah Pixner


  • Carolina Kostner
  • Anna Cappellini
  • Nicole Della Monica
  • Charlene Guignard
  • Valentina Marchei
  • Jade Russo


  • Francesca Bettron
  • Yvonne Daldossi
  • Francesca Lollobrigida


  • Evelyn Insam
  • Manuela Malsiner
  • Lara Malsiner
  • Elena Runggaldier


  • Sofia Goggia
  • Martha Bassino
  • Federico Brignone
  • Clare Costazza
  • Irene Curtoni
  • Nicol Delago 
  • Nadia Fanchini
  • Manuela Moelgg
  • Johanna Schnarf


  • Elise Brocard
  • Anna Comarella
  • Ilaria Debertolis
  • Greta Laurent
  • Sarah Pellegrini
  • Lucia Scardoni
  • Gaia Vuerich


  • Cecilia Maffei 
  • Ariadne Fontana
  • Cynthia Mascitto
  • Lucia Peretti
  • Martina Valcepina


  • Sandra Robatscher
  • Andrea Voetter


  • Sofia Belingheri
  • Raffaella Ugly
  • Frances Gallina
  • Michele Moioli
  • Nadia Ochner

Beautiful, talented and with a great desire to go home with a medal around her neck that is worth a place in history. 

So, good luck ITALIANE!


The Italian athletes present at the XXIII Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang 2018 last edit: 2018-02-09T14:02:00+01:00 da Sabrina Fury

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