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Ossana is a town of about 850 inhabitants in the province of Trento, in Val di Sole. A place surrounded by wild nature. It is important to underline the number of people who live here, since it is a unique place in the world, where there are more nativity scenes than citizens. Every year it enchants locals and tourists with about a thousand handcrafted creations carefully arranged everywhere. Each year the collection is enriched thanks to the commitment of volunteers and collectors. On display there are real jewels and unique installations. Anyone wishing to try their hand at this path can do it from the 27 November 2021 to the 6 January 2022.

Ossana, Christmas market

From the village to excursions into the surrounding nature, up to the splendid Christmas market. Impossible to skip a visit to this place full of local artisanal products. All between typical wooden houses. There is also space for the tasting of sweets and excellent products mulled wine, which in this region cannot be missed. Here are the opening days from 10 to 19:

  • From December 24 to January 6

San Michele Castle

Reopened to the public in 2014, this splendid medieval manor is one of the protagonists of the Ossana Christmas festival. Inside there is a fantastic nativity scene. Here a story of soldiers and trenches is told, recalling episodes that really happened on a distant Christmas Eve, during the First World War. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Monte Giner plane crash, which took place on December 22, 1956, a special nativity scene was created, set up in the Mas dei Voltolini. Anyone wishing to visit the castle can do so from November 27 to January 6, from 10 to 22, at a cost of 1 euro for adults (free for under 12).

Ossana, the red thread

The path of the Ossana cribs celebrates its own 21esima edition in this 2021. It is an unmissable event for locals and tourists from Val di Sole and beyond. To mark the path is a red thread, a rope to tell the truth. It is all illuminated by antique oil lamps and enriched with Christmas decorations.

All the works on display were made manually by voluntary associations, groups, schools, local families, artists or simple passionate citizens. It is the Val di Sole that joins in a common project with an exciting final result.

Each artist, specifically, tries to express their ideas and their way of being and living through these nativity scenes. It goes beyond the religious conception, therefore. Every corner of Ossana comes alive, allowing you to discover old courtyards and corners usually known only to locals.

Here are some events to mark on the calendar:

  • Christmas Medley, traveling concert - 26 and 27 December at 17.00 pm
  • Rainbow Choir, concert by the children's choir - 28 December at 17.30 pm
  • The harmonic singers Solandri - 29 December at 17.00 pm
  • Oblivion, concert by the Ossana rock group - December 30th at 17.00 pm
  • Traveling concert - 31 December at 16.30 pm
  • New Year's Concert - January 2 at 21.00 pm
  • Mystic Owls, Irish music concert - January 3rd at 17.00 pm
  • Bluegrass Rusty Bucks - 5 January at 17.00 pm
  • Closing with Christmas music - 6 January at 16.30 pm
Discovering Ossana, the village of 1000 cribs last edit: 2021-12-27T09:00:00+01:00 da Luca Crowned

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