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Italy is one of the most active countries in terms of charitable initiatives in favor of Ukraine, subjected to the horror of war by the will of Putin, who pushed the Russian armed forces between the main cities of the neighboring state. The suspended expenditure for theUkraine organized by Coldiretti.

Suspended spending, what is it

Coldiretti has adapted the concept underlying the suspended coffee tradition by launching the Spesa Sospesa initiative. A chance for all citizens to make offers to buy products in the farmers' markets of Campagna Amica, making sure that everything is sent to civilians struggling with the war in Ukraine, where stocks are starting to run out.

The result was excellent. Four tons of food made in Italy. All collected by Italian farmers and shipped to Ukraine to support the population. A very welcome surprise for Don Marco, head of the Ukrainian Church of the Hagia Sophia in Rome. Many boxes full of products, including:

  • extra virgin olive oil
  • pasta
  • tomato puree
  • vegetable
  • bakery products
  • flour
  • cup sugar
  • cheese
  • cold cuts
  • canned meat

Everything was loaded onto a truck headed to Ukraine and many are already waiting for the next event to help. The hope, of course, is that everything will become superfluous thanks to the announcement of the peace reached between Russia and Ukraine. Should a new event of this sort become necessary, it should be remembered that i long-life products are preferable, better if of easy consumption. In some areas, in fact, there is no electricity and cooking is not as obvious as one might think.

Photo source in evidence:

Coldiretti to help Ukraine: what is suspended spending last edit: 2022-03-11T09:00:00+01:00 da Luca Crowned

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