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A tiny light begins to appear, a small glimpse of light out of the end of a tunnel. And it comes from the southernmost part of the Peninsula, from Reggio Calabria. In fact, at the GOM, the Great Metropolitan Hospital, zero new infections have been recorded for six days in a row. 0 is a number that we are all longing for, a figure we are all looking at, that we hope to see throughout Italy, as never before.

reparto Covid del GOM
Photos from the hospital official website

In our hearts, all Italians, every day, wait for 6pm hoping to hear these words at a national level “zero new infections have been recorded today”. And while waiting for this communication, we comfort ourselves with the news coming from the city of the Strait.

Zero new infections at the GOM in Reggio Calabria for six consecutive days

Yesterday, April 17, around 8 pm the official daily figure arrived. At GOM, the Great Metropolitan Hospital “Bianchi Melacrino Morelli”, none of the sawbs tested positive, out of 232. It was announced by the Company Management. The trend of zero new infections has been continuing for a week now. In fact, even in the previous days the data about to the Great Hospital of the city of Fata Morgana were favourable. On Friday 238 and on Thursday 219 people swabbed for Sars-Cov-2, none of them tested positive. Same thing on April 14th, 13th and 12th: on 40, 55 and 144 tests carried out at GOM, none tested positive.

Arena dello stretto Reggio Calabria
Ph: Aldo fiorenza – License: CC BY-SA 4.0

35 patients suffering from Covis-19 are hospitalized at “Bianchi Melacrino Morelli”, to date. 3 of them are in the I.C.U, while the other are hospitalized in recovery rooms. Instead, 28 patients healed and were released from this hospital. Unfortunately, 15 patiens passed away in the metropolitan city since the beginning of the pandemic.

The situation in Calabria

In Calabria 991 people have contracted Coronavirus, to date. After a few days in which the positive cases recorded have been less then ten, numbers are rising again due to the outbreak in the RSA in Torano Castello, in the province of Cosenza. 20,131 is the number of swabs: 19,140 of which negative. People tested positive to Coronavirus and in home quarantine are 658, while 161 patients are being treated in various Calabrian hospitals, and 7 of them are in intensive care. Unfortunately, there are many people who have not been able to defeat the virus: 73 throughout the region. While 99 people have healed.


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