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“Fennel”, “effeminate”, as Andrea was called by his elementary school classmates. Words that mark you, words that upset you. Meanwhile, the young boy felt like a woman and didn't know what to do, who to talk to about his transsexuality. Until a crisis greater than the others gives him the strength to face the transformation. And today he feels happy.

Childhood marked by mockery, adolescence by doubts. Finally the turning point for Andrea

“Fennel”, “effeminate”, as Andrea was called by his elementary school classmates

A childhood marked by bullies

Andrea, as a child, he sought the company of other sissies. He hated football and violent sports. He liked to be beautiful, to choose clothing carefully, so that it emphasized his harmonious shapes instead of bundling up.

He understood that he was different from other boys because he suffered their refusal already in elementary school. Fennel, effeminate: titles were wasted. Probably no one had a clear idea of ​​the meaning of these terms, but it was evident that they wanted to criticize and hurt him.

It was not easy to resist and fight for everyone to accept her transsexuality.

Over the years, Andrea is unable to understand who he is, to make people understand what it means to be a transsexual. But he doesn't feel like a real homosexual. Andrea feels like a woman.

Can a female soul be forced to stay inside a man's body?

Andrea arrives at the MIT Association of Bologna, the Transsexual Identity Movement.

At the age of 30, the turning point came for Andrea. The boy finally decides to reveal himself to the world and stop suffering. It is a dark moment, as often happens in periods of transition, a period of great solitude but somehow it turns out to be revolutionary because it pushes Andrea to work hard to find a solution.

So Andrea to address first of all the discourse of his homosexuality turns to his family doctor, with whom he feels more at ease and refers him to a psychologist. Andrea finally arrives atMit Association of Bologna, the Transsexual Identity Movement.

It is a special moment for Andrea. Finally he finds himself among people who have his own doubts and his own infinite anxieties. No taboos, no embarrassments, no shyness.

And the path to becoming a full-fledged woman begins, following the protocol very seriously. Andrea begins with psychotherapy which lasts at least six months, then moves on to endocrinological tests. It also begins to take hormones to have a more feminine look. Soon the hips soften, the breasts grow and the beard becomes sparse. It is also approaching the moment of the definitive surgery, that for the sex change.

Andrea's new life

Today Rebecca is a woman who has struggled so much to face her transsexuality and find her way.

Andrea, who became Rebecca following an operation, now finally has a happy life. He managed to face hers transsexuality thanks to the proximity of her soul mate who became her husband during this long path of change.

Their wedding, celebrated in a small town near Oslo, Norway, was the culmination of a dream of love. Today Rebecca is a woman who has struggled so much to face her transsexuality and find her way. But he is finally happy!

Andrea's transsexuality: a real fight against discrimination last edit: 2017-12-15T09:30:27+01:00 da Rossana Nardacci

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