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Book review "Expatriation, the fears and courage of women"

by Samanta Berruti

There are times when facing fears and insecurities leads us to bring out the best in ourselves.

We are put to the test and to win a whole series of small and big challenges that make us say “I can do it”.
Expatriation is also one of these opportunities for growth and anyone who has moved abroad would be ready, without thinking twice, to confirm it.

But what are the fears of expatriate women? What incredible courage drives them to face them?

"Expatriation, the fears and courage of women”Is the perfect opportunity to answer this question.
In fact, among its pages you can immerse yourself in this universe made of expectations, uncertainties, leaps into the void but also of magical moments, revelations, discoveries and victories.

Following the homonymous literary competition promoted by the portal "Women who emigrate abroad", a competition that had an unexpected success and a great resonance among budding female readers and writers, about eighty short stories were collected.
A jury of experts, coordinated by the writer Emma Fenu, read and evaluated them. He then selected twenty of them which make up the corpus of this anthology published by “Innocenti Editore”.

The authors have opened the doors of their soul to us, perhaps without even realizing it. Armed with a pen and inkwell, they gave us a series of stories in which these two great themes are the masters in a delightfully feminine universe.

On the one hand, they reminded us that clashing with the often exclusively male logic of this world is inevitable.
On the other hand, they showed us how much resilience lies behind the often fragile figures of women who have chosen to live abroad.

"Expatriation, the fears and courage of women", however, it is not just an anthology: it is a manifesto.

Defining the book as a trivial collection of short stories would, in fact, mean ignoring the brilliant message of emancipation and courage that lies between the lines of each story.
Each of them demonstrates how women, with their being wonderfully complicated and delightfully deep, can become the heroines of their own fairy tale.
Thus contributing not only to writing the happy ending but also the thousand adventures of their "Neverending Story".
Using often different tones and styles, the authors succeed in a task often made difficult by the society around us.
They make us believe in ourselves because, despite the often paralyzing fear, the courage that drives us is a fire that can hardly be extinguished.


Samantha Berruti,

the author of this review lives and works in Jena, Germany.

She collaborates with the editorial staff of the portal since 2015 and also manages her own personal blog.

You can find out more about her HERE

or on his blog  HOPELESS WANDERER



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