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The request to fly safely is becoming more and more stringent. How did the airports Italians to make travelers safe? What rules must be respected and how to organize oneself to get around the airport and move in total tranquility.

Fly to the covid themes

Covid - 19 has limited and in some cases stopped airports around the world. The confined spaces and the lack of spacing on flights have been considered harmful and, at very high risk for the transmission of the virus, which is terrorizing the entire planet. After the lockdown in Italy, the Italian airports have been reopened and by respecting the rules you can fly in total safety.

chairs with spaced seats to allow travelers to fly safely

Although we know perfectly well that not all airports in the world respect the same rules, however, in Italy these are very stringent and every traveler can, respecting the various steps, move in total tranquility. In the main Italian airports, Rome Fiumicino, Milan Malpensa and Orio al Serio, the information drawn up by ENAC and the Ministry of Health is clear and easily applicable. And, moreover, by consulting the website of theCrisis Unit of the Foreign Ministry Viaggiare Sicuri or the site International Air Travel Association (IATA), you can learn about safe destinations and destinations.

In Italian airports, a lot of attention is paid to safety

So what to do to fly safely? If the fear of contagion is great, there are indispensable and fundamental directives to follow. First of all, the basic ones, drawn up by the ministry of health that apply everywhere and not just at the airport. Do not touch your face, nose, eyes and mouth, wash your hands or use sanitizing alcoholic gels, cough in your elbow, wear masks, keep a distance of at least one meter.

passport and suitcase keep them essential items for flying abroad

Likewise, don't move if you have symptoms and a fever above 37,5. In Italy the airports all have a website, where it is possible to check the rules and directives applied, so as to know the safety procedures required at departure and arrival. This also for plan boarding operations, waiting times to prevent any problems. It is also advisable to check in online, have your boarding documents available and arrange for the loading of your luggage in good time.

Fly within the rules

Our airports are now very organized with different access and exit routes, the presence of disinfectant gel, areas for measuring the temperature. However, it is well to remember that even more in time of covid it is necessary to arrive early in the airport. This is to ensure the staff can carry out the necessary procedures. Italy is a special watcher from the rest of the world also for the management of airports.

boarding of passengers ready to fly

We, in fact, were the first to apply the necessary restrictions and to update them continuously according to the variations in the transmission of the virus. Flying to and from Italy is therefore very safe. It is then up to individual travelers to comply with the regulations and enjoy the journey they have decided to undertake, to do well for themselves but above all respecting others.

Flying safely to Italy, what you need to know last edit: 2020-09-26T09:00:00+02:00 da Gianna Maione

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