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Glorenza is one of the smallest cities in Italy. A splendid place, surrounded by green nature, located in South Tyrol, precisely in the central area of ​​Val Venosta. A medieval village surrounded by walls, built at the request of Ferdinand I of Habsburg. It boasts the title of city since 1300 and it has an ancient and interesting history. To understand the size of this cluster of ancient houses, which boasts more or less 900 inhabitants in all, there is a local saying that says: "Our city is so small that we have to go to mass outside the walls". The area is dominated by the hill of Tarces, well known for being an interesting archaeological site. The surroundings are generally very rich for those who love being in contact with nature.

Glorenza history

In Roman times Glorenza was a very important crossroads, both for heading towards the Via Claudia Augusta and for the trade route to Switzerland. The first documentation relating to the village dates back to 1163. The term was used in the century Glurnis, which means hazelnut. During the fourteenth century the city gained great commercial importance, to the point that in the valley the "Glorenza measure" is imposed in the weighing. The village also holds the monopoly of the salt trade, coming from Hall in Tirol. Its urban organization is typical of the Middle Ages, but the architectural style of most of the buildings dates back to the XNUMXth century. It is also the only village in the Val Venosta to boast arcades.

What to see in Glorenza

In the historic village you will find numerous buildings of enormous artistic value. To admire the Home del Balivo, a splendid stately home. To admire also the Home Frolich, enriched by numerous frescoes. We also add the Home Gebhard, with decorated windows. Nearby, precisely in Val Monastero, we find the village of Tubre. The Watles ski area is ideal for winter sports and hiking in general. Also nearby is the village of Mals, which borders Austria and Switzerland, well known for its Romanesque bell towers and churches.

Castel Coira, in Sluderno, is worth a visit. Originally the nucleus consisted of the tower, the palace and the surrounding wall. The addition of the loggia with chapel and Renaissance frescoes is due to the Lords of Mazia in the sixteenth century. Not far away there is also the Resia Lake. It is one of the main natural attractions of the area. An artificial basin that has totally submerged a town, leaving only the bell tower uncovered, which overlooks the middle of the lake.

What to eat

Any Italian region boasts a very rich culinary tradition and Glorenza is no exception. Here are the dishes you absolutely must try:

  • dumplings
  • Speck candies
  • Chanterelles with sauce
  • Beef in the old Trento style
  • Meatballs with funchi
  • Prophezenes
  • Atesian ravioli
  • Horseradish sauce
  • Tirtln Trentino
  • Chestnut cake
  • Frigoloti soup
Let's discover Glorenza, one of the smallest villages in Italy last edit: 2022-09-28T09:00:00+02:00 da Luca Crowned

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