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Christmas Gifts? The watchwords are reduce, reuse, recycle and recover, the four R's of the circular economy. Christmas holidays: some tips for making useful and anti-waste gifts.  

Gifts for a green economy

Experts recommend 'old but good useful things' and possibly low-consumption, green and eco-sustainable electrical products. It should also be noted that throughout Italy the ecological islands guarantee operations even during the Christmas holidays. So the consumer can properly dispose of all those products that no longer work. From Christmas music boxes to tree lights, to bright objects such as stars, Santas and so on. Furthermore, with the 1against1 formula, the consumer can take advantage of the sales period and decide to immediately replace the lights that no longer work, saving on new ones. In fact, all WEEE can be delivered free of charge to shops that sell electrical and electronic items when purchasing a new equivalent product.

christmas gifts - light bulb

Thanks to consortia like Ecolamp everything that is correctly disposed of in the WEEE separate collection is treated in special plants that allow the recovery of raw materials useful for new productions. In the course of its activity, the Ecolamp consortium has guaranteed a recovery percentage between matter and energy above 95 percent. In the first half of 2022, Ecolamp managed more than 1.400 tons of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) throughout Italy. In particular, the national non-profit consortium specializing in the recovery and disposal of WEEE collected and recycled 601 tonnes of small appliances, electronics best before date and end-of-life lighting fixtures. Together with 806 tons of now depleted light sources.

Green economy, mission possible even with Christmas presents last edit: 2022-12-07T12:30:00+01:00 da Staff

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