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In these evenings the very popular television game hosted by Flavio Insinna has seen the presence of Marco Bombi, actor and voice actor with a background in programs such as Colorado. Born in 1982, Marco is originally from Rivoli in Piedmont, and was the audio guide voice for important museum projects and actor in the film 'This is Sofia' by Guido Chiesa. Winner of the II edition with the duo 'Bella Question' in 'Truly outstanding' on La7 in 2016, in the November 9 episode of L'Eredità he took home 25.000 euros in gold tokens. The Piedmontese actor stands out in the public eye for his sympathy and we hosted him in this exclusive interview. Flavio Insinna he called him the man of flowers and plants by virtue of his passion for botany but Marco also has a law degree from the University of Turin.

Hi Marco, you have a beautiful smile. How did you come to be a comedian?

The passion for dubbing and acting was born as a child when I did imitations with the teachers at school, with friends, in high school... we had fun like that. I had this taste for imitating and from there I understood that trying to immerse myself in other people's lives is something I like. The reason is that: immerse myself in others, I would like to make everyone's life I always told my mother. When I was already studying law, I discovered that there was an academy in Turin that taught dubbing and I enrolled. It all started from there.

Marco Bombi, comedian from Colorado
Marco Federico Bombi

Yours was also the voice of museum audio guides and for religious institutes, for example for a project in the Basilica of Sant'Antonio da Padova. Can you tell us about this experience?

I started in Turin with audio guides for the Franciscan museums and then this beautiful opportunity arrived in the Basilica del Santo in Padua where there is an installation that will last for about twenty years. There I appear in a shot in which I am a blessed who tells the life of St. Francis.

Marco Bombi and making others smile…

“I think that comedy hides within itself a desire for rebellion. There's something wrong with all comedians and they want to rebel. In this basic dissatisfaction with certain life situations, laughter is what purifies it, it is a cathartic way to bring out one's pain. I think so. If a comedian doesn't have a big 'flaw' inside and a rebellion he's not a comedian. I speak for my little one, but I also think the grown-ups have had this basic dissatisfaction to bring out. It's throwing something out, in the face of the public, with all kindness”.

How did you go from jurisprudence to the language of flowers?

This is a good question because there is no answer. (laughs). I have never loved jurisprudence. I enrolled in this faculty and I completed it for the desire to conclude a journey that had already begun. I found it difficult and I liked it for that reason alone. Difficult in the sense of complex, but it was quite easy for me to study it and I was able to finish it quickly. There isn't a passage that binds jurisprudence and flowers, even if the question is very beautiful. They look like antipodes these two concepts "law and botany". Actually maybe not, because in flowers there is the law of nature identity which causes everything to be no more than necessary. In nature there is a rightness, there is a precision. This fascinates me a lot about the world of flowers in addition to beauty. If you think that a plant can flourish, however, you can also ask yourself philosophically why it does it… you get lost there.

The actor Marco Bombi aka Mafe Agnese
Marco Bombi

What's the best movie you've ever been in?

I participated in all movies which I watch as a spectator. (laughs). I participate with a very full heart in all of Massimo Troisi's films, which I consider the greatest of all, and above all "I thought it was love instead it was a buggy". I have participated for the cinema in very few films and I quote you This is Sofia with Micaela Ramazzotti and Fabio De Luigi, produced by Colorado Film.

You can also write very well…

You say that…! (laughs).

What is the poem that struck you the most among those of other authors and which one do you like the most among yours?

Poetry is a beautiful thing. I believe it is the quintessence of writing. I've always focused on poetry because I have a very limited concentration and I can't read long things. After a while I get distracted, I get bored, I don't like staying there for too long. It's my limit. So poetry is for me. There are so many authors who have struck and moved me, poetry comes to mind above all And lemons di Eugene Montale.

A blue door

In my opinion, this poem has sensational passages, perhaps because lemons were a plant dear to me. My grandmother had these very old lemons that I still have, they are secular plants. This poem describes very well that yellow that is glimpsed from a badly closed door: the golden trumpets of happiness! Of my poems, on the other hand, I wouldn't know which is the most beautiful. Sometimes I write things that are stylistically more correct and others that are more scattered. Perhaps among the more balanced ones there is a poem called "Dragonfly".

Marco, how does a comedian overcome adversity?

It doesn't exceed them. An actor in general has to stay inside adversity, in things that are wrong. If he gets out of it he loses his very raison d'etre.

What have you learned from close contact with flowers?

I learned that nothing is too much. This is a very nice thing to understand and flowers, nature in general makes you understand. Nothing is excessive. Flowers also teach you lightness, the beauty of colors, of simply being in the world. They teach you simplicity. A flower as fantastic as it may seem to us, is actually very simple.

What is the hardest part for an actor?

I think the most difficult part of the job is understanding the client, the director. While a difficult role for an actor is definitely a comic role. It's much harder to make people laugh than to make people cry.

Make us smile…

I can't make people laugh… (laughs). I don't know, sometimes yes, sometimes no. Never intentionally. The most beautiful things are the things that come out of you without wanting to. Good day oh stranger!

Interview with Marco Bombi, champion of the game show L'Eredità last edit: 2022-11-23T12:30:00+01:00 da Antonella Marchisella

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