In Sardinia nature has added something more, as if to demonstrate its creative strength by redesigning a sea from unique and unrepeatable colors. Magical inlets, cliffs with unusual shapes and inviolate seabeds that surprise visitors in a succession of renewed emotions. Sardinia is the second largest island in Italy and stands out in the center of Mediterranean Sea, distinguished by the beauty of its crystalline waters, where the intense blue blends with the emerald green and the whiteness of the sand.

Coasts and islands

One of the seductions of Sardinia is the archipelago of Maddalena, consisting of seven islands. Among the greatest Maddalena e Caprera. A series of uninhabited and untouched islands follows, including Budelli, of extraordinary beauty for its pink sand beach. Facing the archipelago, the rocks of the Gallura that the wind has redesigned in the suggestive shapes of animals. The Costa Smeralda, considered one of the most exclusive locations in the Mediterranean, has a nerve center in its ports. The localities of Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo, a paradise for the international jet set and a meeting place for social life. But the Costa Smeralda is not just a cosmopolitan elite. There are small beaches, lonely coves between bold promontories, rocks of various shapes carved by the wind and used since the eighteenth century as houses and known as Tafoni. Internationally renowned Stintino, on the Island ofAsinara and Riviera del Corallo, with its Neptune's Grotto and their tropical waters.

The hinterland

The evocative power of Sardinia is contained in the variety of inland landscapes alternating the rocks of the mountains with the stones of the plateaus. Those who prefer the mountains to the sea will find unique, harsh and sweet natural environments in Sardinia. Here the presence of man is reduced to a minimum to make room for large herds of wild horses, deer and large birds of prey. From small desert areas, to the typical vegetation of the Mediterranean scrub, such as the one we find in the region of Gennargentu, the largest mountain complex in the region, populated by endangered animal species. A land of strong contrasts and many facets that offers a rich range of opportunities. Between sea, mountains, history and worldly life. Popular culture is deeply experienced and widely participated. The hospitality of its inhabitants make it an extraordinary place to visit for a stay between relaxation and fun. Numerous dominations also influenced the rich and varied regional cuisine. In particular, wines with an intense flavor, such as Marsala and Passito di Pantelleria, are appreciated internationally.

History and culture

Sardinia is an ancient land, testimony of its past are the vestiges left by the conquests of the different peoples that have followed one another over the centuries. Among its wonders, we find the Nuraghi. They are megalithic monuments, testimony of a millenary civilization and already a Unesco heritage. They retain a magical and archaic charm intact. Sardinia is tradition and folklore, uses, customs, dances and music are expressions of a culture handed down orally which makes the Sardinian people proud of their belonging. As the Sartiglia, a glorious equestrian carousel that is celebrated in Oristano for carnival. The agro-pastoral culture characterizes Sardinian cuisine that thrives on genuine flavors, such as cheeses and seadas and roasted and spiced meats.

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