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About us

We are a group of friends who joined the ambitious project of italiani.it. Our goal, our mission, our desire is to let the whole world know the stories, wonders and curiosities of our city.

We want to enhance, promote and spread everything that makes us proud of our land and become a point of reference for all of us in the world.
We want to do it through the words and testimonies of us citizens, giving a voice to all those who want to tell a story, an experience or an initiative of our city. There is nothing more beautiful than sharing with someone the beauties - often unknown - that surround us. If you love your city, join us!

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Annalisa Pedà

I'm Annalisa Pedà, born in 1990. I'm from Calabria, but I've lived in Aosta for some years. I studied foreign languages ​​in high school and now I work for a French multinational. I am a great health fan, I practice a lot of sport and I take care of my diet a lot ...


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