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The itBuenosAires.it site revolves around the concept of “Italianness” and the correlated one of “sponsorship of Italy”.

It is an exciting challenge: we want to convey ideas on what it means to "be Italian", communicating in a clear, immediate, direct, but not simplistic or trivial way. The heart, the crux of this challenge is to bring out a variegated, multiple, non-pre-established idea of ​​“Italian identity” that cannot be reduced to the classic stereotypes (both negative and positive) of being Italian.

The itBuenosAires site wants to present itself as a mosaic of stories, news, impressions that recalls the warmth of a common belonging, of the sharing of experiences, perceptions, traditions, but also openness to the world, fluidity, permeability to contributions of other cultures, contributions that allow fertile and unprecedented transformations and integrations.

Those who go to live outside Italy may have many and various motivations, but they bring with them a treasure of knowledge, words, places, native flavors, experienced "at home" and stratified in memory, habits, lifestyle and if it makes him, more or less consciously, an "ambassador" in the country of arrival.

The idea is to weave a common story (and a collective identity) made up of individual stories, to create "communities" through possible reflections, but also to deny easy generalizations that derive from stereotyped images. Added to this is the opportunity to share problems and solutions, information, initiatives, networking through the network.

It is, therefore, a real narrative and analytical guide, useful not only for recounting the experiences of the inhabitants of the Bel Paese who have decided to live in Buenos Aires.
Behind the project, a work team composed mainly of Italians and descendants who found their new home in Buenos Aires.

Our ITeam:


Amira Celeste Judge

Soy de origen Italian, born in Argentina and alive in Buenos Aires. Traductora Pública y Profesora de inglés por vocación. Soy muy curosa y apasionada: I love culture, los idiomas, photography and naturalness. ¡Me fascinan los libros! Puedo ...

Marina Artese Grillo

Soy de origen Italian, tres de mis cuatro abuelos son oriundos de Calabria, de Vibo Valentia y de Crotone. Soy Licenciada y Profesora Superior en Letras, especializada en Lenguas Clásicas. Además trabajo as teacher and librarian in a secondary school ...


José Grillo

Argentine Politólogo, linked with Italy for intereses teóricos y por motivos biográfico-culturales. Me especializo en cuestiones de philosophia política Italian, but también soy descendiente de emigrados calabreses: my maternal family comes from the province of Vibo Valentia; my paternal family, ...

Damian Flavio Piscitelli

Amante de los viajes, los idiomas, las culturas, las amistades y de Seguir aprendiendo. Yes bien no me tastan las etiquetas, soy Lic. In Social Communications and Agente de viajes. Nací en Argentina, soy descendiente de italianos y me encuentro…

Francisco Daniel Zazzu

My name is Francisco Daniel Zazzu, I was born in Buenos Aires on May 8, 1986. I am a journalist and public translator of English. Three of my four grandparents were Italian, my maternal grandfather from Rome and my paternal grandparents from Sardinia. Thanks…

Franco Mangarella

I belong to a family of Sicilian emigrants. I am a concert pipe organ player and professor of philosophy. Writing about my community is a way of expressing my love for my family and Italy by contributing to the dissemination of cultural elements ...

Julieta B. Mollo

Journalist and Professor of Italian Language. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1991. Fanatic of television series and films. I don't know how to be without music. Italy is part of my history. "It always seems impossible until it's done."

Katherine Alexandra Judge

Italian-Argentine originated in Buenos Aires and influenced by the Italian culture desde aquel entonces. Mi misión en Italiani.it es promover hábitos saludables para ayudar a mejorar la calidad de vida de las personas. Gracias a la redacción de notas I keep ...

Mariel Pitton Straface

Grandson of four Italian immigrants from different regions, on the paternal side, his Sicilian mother and his Friulian father, and on the maternal side both Calabrians from Corigliano Calabro. I graduated from the National University of Arts, interpreter of Dances and Musical Comedy as ...

Nahir Teren

Author: María Nahir Teren Me llamo María Nahir Teren. Born in Monte Grande, province of Buenos Aires, on March 21, 1992. Soy Traductora Pública de Inglés, Correctora Internacional de Textos en Idioma Español, and I dedicate myself mainly to…

Rocío Mariana Valdez

Soy Rocío Mariana Valdez. I hold 27 años. Born in the Province of Buenos Aires, in Lanús, on the 28th of November of 1993. Soy Periodista y Licenciada in Comunicación Social. Me gusta escribir y poder transmitir a través de la escritura…


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