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One of the most fascinating places in South Tyrol is certainly the famous one Castle di Tures. It deserves to be visited for its history and the charm it emanates, as well as for the legend that is handed down. This attracts many tourists every year, fond of thrilling stories. It is located in the splendid Valle Aurine and it is possible to take advantage of guided tours to discover its meanders.

The history of the Tures Castle

The castle once belonged to the Lords of Tures and today boasts well 64 rooms. 24 of these are covered in precious wood. This offers a real spectacle to all visiting tourists. It is one of the largest castles in the area and certainly the most photographed. The ancient owners lived there before the 1340th century. The nobles represented one of the most popular lineages in Tyrol. They died out completely in 1907 and so the castle passed into different hands over the centuries, slowly decaying. It was reborn in XNUMX, when Ludwig von Lobmayr restored it. Today it is one of the possessions of the South Tyrolean Institute for Castles.

It stands on a rocky embankment, with the large tower that in the thirteenth century allowed to control the only point from which the enemies could have attacked. The Taufers were the first family of the manor and it is their merit for the construction of the keep near the tower, the keystone of the castle structure. This was later enlarged between 1484 and 1486 by Hans von Tobel. In the XNUMXth century, the Fiegers, the new masters, raised the south-west wing on a mandate from Emperor Maximilian of Austria.

The legend of the Tures Castle

Inside the splendid Castle of Tures there is the room of the Witches, or Ghosts, reachable through a long corridor covered in wood. An excellently worked, refined and elegant room, which owes its name to the legend of Margherita and her sad fate. The name refers to Margaret von Taufers, in love with a young man of low lineage. He was probably the head of the castle guards. Not quite the ideal party for a girl of her rank. This was not at all appreciated in the family and someone, probably a relative or perhaps the father himself, hired a hitman to eliminate the future husband.

On the day of the wedding, in fact, the man was pierced on the altar by an arrow. A horrifying scene that deeply shocked Margherita. Legend has it that the young girl, desperate, locked herself in her own room, where she cried without stopping for seven years. Having reached the seventh anniversary of the death of her husband, she threw herself out of the window. Here Ettore Scola shot the film The most beautiful evening of my life. It happens that the famous actor Alberto Sordi reported to cast and crew that he had heard Margherita's groans of pain. Many argue that his ghost still wanders, with a funeral air, through the halls of the castle.

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