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Talent and crowdfunding crown Lidia Caricasole's American dream

"I started dancing when I was five, but at the time I didn't know I'd get that far."

That's how it describes itself Lidia Caricasole, Italian dancer admitted to the prestigious Juilliard dance school in New York.

And in fact he has come a long way.

His path

Very young and promising ballerina from Verona, just 20 years old, she begins to pursue the dream of becoming a professional by taking her first steps in Vic Ballet Academy of Verona.

It was 2008.

Within the walls of that school, Lidia Caricasole follows classes in ballet, pointe, contemporary and neo-jazz, perfecting and improving her innate skills.

Pushed by her dance teacher, in 2013 she prepares to attempt admission for the summer course at Juilliard School of New York City.

Two years of hard work, divided between the hours to devote to study and rehearsals, allow her, in 2015, to reach the turning point: she too is one of the 22 girls who attend the 3-week course at the prestigious New York school!

Lidia Caricasole, Instagram
Lidia Caricasole, Instagram

The enthusiasm, the commitment and the excellent results achieved thanks to the technical corrections received, pushed her, a year later, to apply to be able to attend the University course of this school, lasting four years.

In February 2015, the audition in the Big Apple and the result, merciless: she is one of the 7 dancers on the waiting list.

The initial demoralization is soon replaced by a determination and tenacity such as to convince her to chase her dream with all her strength.

From that moment, in fact, his only goal is to study thoroughly and spend a whole year improving, filling his gaps.

There was another audition to face and admission to the course was at stake, this time without reservations.

In February 2017 he returns to New York to take the audition and, after three weeks, he receives the long-awaited phone call: it is one of the 12 girls admitted to the Juilliard School!

What's more, Lidia Caricasole is the only non-American dancer in the school!


However, being admitted to the Juilliard in New York had another side of the coin: the annual tuition.

And that's why Lidia Caricasole decides to turn to the web.

With a fundraising platform,, he started the fundraising entitled “Lidia dreams Juilliard!”.

The aim is to fully cover the first year tuition. Despite the scholarship, the sacrifices of his family and his savings, in fact, an amount of was still missing $ 12.254.

Lidia Caricasole,
Lidia Caricasole,

The generosity shown by the audience was incredible and in just a month he raised the sum of $ 12.269!

Life in New York

Lidia Caricasole has been in New York since last August, living her dream in the corridors of Lincoln Center.

Every day he follows seminars on the theory of music or writing, classical and modern dance lessons, choreographic workshops, academic lessons, and more. The prestigious school provides, in fact, an all-round training, forming complete professional figures.

The commitment for Lidia is and must be total, but she has already taken it into account:

"If you want to dance at the highest levels, the effort you put into it is never enough"

Good luck, Lidia!

Lidia Caricasole, the Italian dancer at the Juilliard in New York last edit: 2018-03-23T09:30:52+01:00 da Sabrina Fury

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