But what is the most beautiful panorama in Italy? You are spoiled for choice. Many answers could be given and each one would still be adequate to represent our country with this "cut". Perhaps unique in the world for the amount of openings and / or glimpses of rare beauty that from north to south enrich the eyes of anyone who wants to look. Appointment on Sunday 11 September with the ninth edition of the Panorama Day. An event organized by the FAI (Italian Environment Fund) and dedicated to the careful and conscious observation of the landscape.

Panorama Day - Avio Castle
Avio Castle (Photo Martina Vanzo 2017 © FAI)

This year's edition will involve 14 Foundation views across ten regions. The Oasi Zegna is added to Trivero Valdilana, an environmental and social enhancement project commissioned by Ermenegildo Zegna and sponsored by the FAI. It will be a rare opportunity to stop and "look around" carefully, let your gaze wander and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us with more awareness. An integral part of the extraordinary cultural heritage of our country, landscapes are precious identifying elements of territories and communities. In addition to representing, in the vision of the FAI, an indissoluble iintertwining of Nature and Culture. Landscapes are like a collective and harmonious work of past generations bequeathed to future ones.

The FAI Panorama Day: looks, walks and many cultural activities

The day proposed by the FAI will be a way to fly across Italy from north to south, to the search for panoramas but also for opportunities to participate in cultural activities, walks and themed guided tours. Picnic in extraordinary places, engage in recreational activities. Without prejudice to the undisputed protagonist of this day, the environmental and landscape heritage inside and outside the fifteen sites proposed this year. Landscapes made of sea, mountains, villages, cultivated fields, woods and naturalistic areas rich in flora and fauna. Looking from afar and discovering closely.

Basilica of San Francesco seen from the Bosco di San Francesco
Basilica of San Francesco seen from the Bosco di San Francesco (Photo Paolo Barcucci 2014 © FAI)

Panorama by panorama, here are the assets proposed by FAI for the Day of Panoramas 2022. Guided tours are scheduled outside and inside the Avio Castle in the province of Trento. In Piedmont the FAI offers four special panoramas. The green of the Park of the Masino Castle in Caravino, where it will be possible to attend a classical music concert. An entire weekend is dedicated to Manta Castle in Manta, between the hills and mountains of the Cuneo area.

From north to south, the great beauty of Italy through its panoramas

At the top of the morainic amphitheater of Serra d'Ivrea it can be visited Villa Flecchia and Enrico Collection in Magnano. For a day dedicated to the careful and conscious observation of the landscape starting from the ideas suggested by the collection of en plein air paintings from the mid-nineteenth century preserved here. In Trivero Valdilana two concerts and two walks among the panoramas of the Zegna Oasis.

Panorama Day - Villa dei Vescovi
Villa dei Vescovi (Photo Mauro Ranzani, 2011 © FAI)

In Lombardia, the invitation is to let your gaze sink on the panorama of the Lake Como, among the vegetation of Mount Gravona close to the Comacina Island. In Veneto, the protagonist of the Landscape Day will be the splendid and intact landscape of the Euganean Hills, where it fits and integrates perfectly Villa of the Bishops in Luvigliano di Torreglia. In Liguria the choice doubles, between the panorama of the Portofino promontory and that of the Cinque Terre. L'Abbey of San Fruttuoso in Camogli proposes "The rediscovered panorama".

Panorama Day - Abbey of San Fruttuoso
Abbey of San Fruttuoso (Photo Alessandro Capretti 2020 © FAI)

A Villa Rezzola, in Lerici, scheduled a series of special visits from the so-called “Ben-see” of the residence, from which you can enjoy an exceptional view of the Gulf of Poets. A panorama that won the hearts of a large group of writers, from Byron to Shelley to Lawrence.

Garden on the Colle dell'Infinito
Garden on the Colle dell'Infinito (Photo Dario Fusaro 2019 © FAI)

In the Marche, the great protagonist will beGarden on the Colle dell'Infinito, in Recanati, which opens the gates for a day dedicated to art and painting. In Umbria, appointment at Bosco di San Francesco in Assisi, to discover one of the most evocative landscapes of Italy. Do not miss the guided tour "A path among the olive trees".

Between nature and culture, the views are a precious asset to be left as a legacy to future generations

The Landscape Day proposes in Lazio a visit to Villa Gregoriana Park in Tivoli and will allow you to discover the history of this landscape, from the design of the romantic garden to the evolution of the park from the nineteenth century to today. In addition to enjoying its beautiful views. In Campania Sunday 11 September will be entirely dedicated to the knowledge of Bay of Ieranto in Massa Lubrense and the landscape that surrounds it. Unique opportunity to enjoy its extraordinary views at different times of the day.

Saline Conti Vecchi
Saline Conti Vecchi (Photo Andrea Mariniello 2017 © FAI)

Go to Sardinia, for a day at the industrial site of Saline Conti Vecchi in Assemini. A guided itinerary to discover the typical landscape of the salt pan will allow you to perceive its historical, cultural and environmental value. Alternatively, an excursion to the Talmone Military Battery, in Palau, will reveal an exceptional landscape thanks to a trekking route along the ancient military path. Which, flowing between granite and Mediterranean scrub, leads to the suggestive viewpoint of the Monte Don Diego lookout. From here you can admire Punta Don Diego, Porto Cuncatu. But also the beautiful Cala di Trana up to the Island of Spargi.

For information on the program and opening hours of the Goods, costs and reservations https://fondoambiente.it/giornata-del-panorama

(featured photo: Masino Castle, Photo Paolo Barcucci 2014 © FAI)

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