Rockin 1000 Love is the great event that thrilled the stadium on 21st July Artemio Franchi di Florence. A rock concert with over a thousand musicians who simultaneously played 18 symbolic songs in the history of rock. An explosion of pure energy that saw the international rock star as a guest Courtney Love. All this has become an incredible music video previewed in Cesena as part of IMAGinAction International Videoclip Festival. The city of Florence and the Tuscan public embraced the founder of the Hole in a unique and exemplary way.

Rockin - Courtney Love

The story of a dream called Rockin 1000

The project rockin 1000 was officially born in 2015 in Cesena. A dream born from an idea: to gather 1000 musicians and play a rock song at the same time. On July 26 of the same year that incredible challenge becomes reality. In the Romagna city 350 guitarists, 250 singers, 250 drummers and 150 bassists play the song at the same time learn to fly some foo Fighters. The official videoclip reaches millions of views on Youtube. The company goes viral and the echo of the great dream come true reaches the States. The leader of the foo Fighters Dave Grhol accepts the invitation and performs on November 3, again in Cesena. In 2016 the Rockin 1000 officially enters the international scene. The concert on July 24 of the same year officially enters the Guinness Book of Records as the greatest rock in the world. At the Manuzzi Stadium in Cesena, a thousand musicians rigorously selected by the Rockin project play 17 songs by artists such as Hendrix, Nirvana, Bowie and Blur. The live becomes a cd and double vinyl titled “That's Live the Biggest Rock band in the World published by Sony Music.

Rockin - Maestro Giuseppe Vessicchio

The city of Florence and Courtney Love protagonists in the official video clip

On July 21, the city of Firenze and the Artemio Franchi Stadium were the protagonists of That's Live with Love. An event concert by the international rock star Courtney Love who together with the conductor of the maestro Beppe vessicchio and 15000 musicians inflamed the Florentine public. If the first official Rockin 1000 video clip was an invitation to a rock star, the following Rockin with Love is a great show done together with a rock star. The event show took on the contours of a small musical film with the special presence of a rock star of the caliber of Courtney Love. A live embellished by the presence of a rock star full of energy who fully embraced the spirit of Rockin 1000. A project that in the July event expanded its musical boundaries by bringing that idea born in 2015 also in visual and media art.

Rockin - concert moment

Courtney's humanity, even a little dirty soul, shines through during the concert and marries perfectly in the rock image concert. The video clip in addition to highlighting all the passion and dedication of the ensemble of musicians in its 4 minutes explodes in a charge of pure concentration made of emotions, sweat, anger and unparalleled involvement. The Cesena Festival represents only the first stage of this new adventure of Rockin1000. The video clip already available on all streaming platforms aims to confirm the success of the previous 2015 and 2016. The spirit of Rockin 1000 feeds on strength, passion and a pinch of madness ready for the next new challenge.

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