The network, thanks to its "it" present in Italy and in the world, selects the activities that have the necessary requisites to obtain the certification sticker.

Italy to promote: for companies on the Italian territory that represent the Made in Italy and the most authentic flavors of our land

Italy in the world: for activities that promote Italian products, style and traditions abroad

Activities abroad: of local products or offers, recommended by Italians.

Featured activities

Kind Logo

Gentile liqueurs

We want to introduce you to a long tradition of pleasant and refined elixirs, which starts from the Ancient Abbey of Corazzo and reaches the present day: the Gentile Liquorificio.
Suggested by: itCalabria
colorful logo La cosentina

Cosentina srl

Montalto Uffugo
"Eating well is natural" for them as for all Italians. For this reason we have decided to recognize our quality certificate to this company.
Suggested by: itCalabria

Pinsalab pinseria

From a recipe from Ancient Rome times, from the selection of quality raw materials, from the commitment and passion of today's people, this product is born ...
Suggested by: itTuscany
Piano Luppino Company Logo

Luppino plan

Lamezia Terme
Give your palate not only the delight of taste, but also the pleasure of feeling with Pastificio Artigianale Piano Luppino!
Suggested by: ItCalabria

AICO: "Aprender el Italian conversando"

Buenos Aires and
AICO offers an alternative to the classic method of teaching the Italian language, through dynamic and participatory courses, betting 100% on the quality of the teachers.
Suggested by: itbuenosaires
Delights of Calabria

Delights of Calabria

We present Delizie di Calabria, a company with thirty years of experience. The passion and love for Calabria allowed him to export the precious gastronomic culture ...
Suggested by: ItCalabria
Cover Project

From London Annalisa D'Amelio

In London Annalisa D'Amelio, Italian curator, came for a vacation and never left. It promotes Italian artists and creates innovative projects that have ...
Suggested by: itLondon
Pizzeria Frida

From Frida for the best pizza in Palermo

The most popular place in Palermo to enjoy a delicious pizza? Without a doubt Frida. At Frida Pizzeria you will have the opportunity to try the prepared pizzas ...
Suggested by: itPalermo
Livasi 'Company Logo

Livasì sausage factory

The famous Nduja of Spilinga and the authenticity of the flavors of many other delicatessen products of this beautiful company deserve your attention.
Suggested by: itCalabria
Solmeu LOGO


"Proudly local" Solmeu represents the passion for a sector that develops day after day to give life to the production and marketing of products ...
Suggested by: itCalabria