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In Umbria, nestled like a jewel in the valley, there is a village of just 8500 inhabitants, awarded with the orange flag by the Touring Club Italia for having entered, by right, on the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy, we are talking about spello.

Spello: a must-see and taste place

Not as famous as nearby Assisi, but certainly equally beautiful, Spello will pleasantly surprise you with a well-respected list of places to see absolutely. Given the small size, the village can be traveled entirely on foot. No great marathon runners are needed to reach the places of greatest interest, on the contrary, it takes just a few minutes to walk literally from one part of the country to the other.

Spello - village in umbria

The locals seem to live outside of time, leading a peaceful life among the beautiful churches and the numerous arches that characterize the streets of the town. The legendary Umbrian hospitality will only make you appreciate the beautiful Renaissance alleys, extremely well kept and well preserved, even more. Although the historic center is mainly composed of narrow streets, the main “arteries” are passable by car, and will take you in a few minutes from the north to the south side of the village.

And its cuisine

Spello is also known for its traditional cuisine. A break for tasting the famous truffle sauces and typical local dishes such as the "spelled soup"On which to pour the delicious Umbrian oil is absolutely recommended. All you have to do is ask a Spellano for directions on where to go and taste their delicacies to find yourself in just a few minutes to squint your eyes with pleasure. Full belly and rested foot, it's time to fill us with culture.

Walking in Spello

From the beautiful Republic square, which houses the town hall, continuing south you will arrive in a few seconds to the church of Sant'Andrea.

Spello - city center

Quick turnaround to reach the Porta di Venere in a few steps. An ancient pass, which gives access to the town through the walls. Absolutely worth seeing is the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Maggiore which houses the frescoes by Pinturicchio as “The Nativity”. Take the time you need to visit, obviously on foot, via Cappuccini, you will love it.

In the surroundings of Spello

Assisi and Todi

It is not necessary to spend many words to invite you to visit the famous tourist destinations Assisi and Todi. Famous respectively for San Francesco d'Assisi and Jacopone da Todi, it will take 20 minutes by car to reach the two towns.

Perugia - in the sourroundings of Spello


Perugia, the Umbrian capital city is a jewel. If fame precedes it as far as culinary delicacies are concerned, it is absolutely no less from an architectural and landscape point of view. Beautiful and welcoming like few other cities in Italy, Perugia retains a charm that has remained unchanged over time. Palazzo dei Priori and Fontana maggiore alone are worth the visit to the city. Ancient but also young, Perugia is home to one of the most prestigious and ancient universities in Italy, the University of Perugia which dates back to 1308.

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