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Stornara is a small town in the Foggia area, so called due to the presence of starlings in the many green areas that surround it. It is a tiny village, a handful of buildings thirty kilometers from Foggia. A place where nature dominates. Because, if the stone buildings with barrel or cross vaults seem to come from the past, people come to Stornara above all for the plains of the Lower Tavoliere. Or rather, you used to come: today you get there for murals, extraordinary works of art that draw the facades. And which bear the signatures of the most prestigious street artists in the world.

Stornara - Leticia Mandragora
Stornara - Murales by Leticia Mandragora - credit Stornara Life

An increasingly important art festival

Today, it is an open-air museum. There are 52 works of art, signed by artists from every corner of the planet. And, the credit goes to festival of street art "Stramurales". Whose idea is precise: to integrate the pre-existing structures into the artists' creations. Thus, from a small and anonymous town ignored by tourism, it has become a real attraction. She changed her appearance, she became a unicum. Also because, the 2021 edition was staged a little in all homes. Through Zoom, an art historian and a licensed tour guide walked the streets of the village telling anecdotes and curiosities. And connected users could ask their questions to the operators of Trawellit (an innovative startup from Foggia). Thus, Italy's attention turned to Stornara.

Stornara - Murales by Alaniz
Stornara - Murales by Alaniz - credit Stornara Life

Moreover, the festival organized byStornara Life social promotion association, sees the direct involvement of the population. It was the inhabitants of the village who asked to be involved. They donated small financial contributions, they asked to join the organization. Also because, Stramularales has become the largest art festival in the Puglia and one of the most important in Southern Italy. And it has changed the face of the village, bringing you many colors and as many messages. All this while promoting his region. And its most hidden corners.

The rebirth of Stornara

Not even six thousand inhabitants, in the heart of the Lower Tavoliere, Stornara before its festival was a village with an agricultural vocation, with few ancient buildings left and used only as a starting point for exploring the surrounding plains. So here, a group of volunteers, has decided to intervene. To make the village a small art mecca, as has already happened for villages such as Orgosolo, Dozza and Diamante. He called internationally renowned artists from Italy and the world. He “donated” his walls to them, asking them to turn them into art.

Stornara - Murales by Devil Art Design
Stornara - Murales by Devil Art Design - credit Stornara Life

People come to Stornara to stroll among the murals, having fun finding the works of art. And then you can admire the buildings of the village, starting with Palazzo Schiavone and up to Jesuit Tower, owned by Giovanni Jacobo Cecere in the sixteenth century and connected to the fief of Stornara. Then the fief was acquired by the Jesuits, until in 1783 Ferdinand IV established a colony of farmers here. It is on the homes of their descendants that, today, artists from all over the world have put their signature.

Stornara, the town of Foggia, home of murals last edit: 2021-06-13T09:00:00+02:00 da Laura Alberti

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