Women who Emigrate Abroad is a website that deals with Italian women living outside Italy. It is a space created and managed by us, modern Italian migrant women.
It is a container of stories, of testimonies from all over the world, where we talk about work, love, family, other cultures, cooking and integration.

On the web there are many sites that deal with expatriates, however women have specific needs and need a dedicated space where they can express themselves and compare.

We also host a section which is meant to provide free support to women who emigrate. At present the psychological counseling and advice on bilingualism for adults and children.

The story of Women who Emigrate Abroad is recent but explosive: it was born in 2014 as a simple FB page based on the idea of ​​the undersigned. I was in the Seychelles at work and wanted to get in touch with other emigrant women like me. I decided to open the FB page and started posting about my life in the Seychelles. Soon other women joined with their stories from the world and within a year we decided to create the website and publish a book.

Soon we will also offer the opportunity to follow choirs on female entrepreneurship, through which women can learn to become happy entrepreneur wherever they are in the world. This service will be carried out in collaboration with a small Berlin company managed by two women.  I attended this course in 2015, being fascinated by the innovative inputs and contents it provided me. The course will be the only expat support for which a cost contribution is foreseen for the tutors.