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Have you ever heard of a "Esoteric Turin"? The capital of the Savoy region is a city full of charm and art, but right there, among those palaces, masterpieces of Barocco, an aura of mystery thickens.
La Esoteric Turin it is set between two enchanted triangles. On the one hand, the dark side of the black magic, and on the other the candid side of the white magic. By drawing lines on the globe, the city ​​of the Mole turns out to be the vertex of a dark triangle also composed of London and San Francisco, but at the same time it is also part of that benevolent triangle formed by Prague e Lyon.

Esoteric Turin: the statue of faith
The statue of Faith dominating the Great Mother

The forces of the good and male it seems that they have been clashing for centuries in the mysterious places of Esoteric Turin. Among these places the most interesting is represented by the so-called "alchemical caves". According to experts from esotericism the caves are nothing more than a dimensional portal, able to allow brave adventurers to cross the boundaries of entry to new worlds. If beyond every door there is a world parallel, or access to the afterlife, we are not given to know. All that remains is to find out.

Where are the alchemical caves?

La Esoteric Turin it develops away from the eyes of ordinary people, mostly in the tunnels that cross the city center. More than twenty years ago, a famous book called "Torino underground”, Which, also through a scientific approach, tried to show the presence of underground tunnels, and also what their use had been over the centuries.
The publication further magnified the mystery surrounding the Esoteric Turin, and in fact, according to legend, the alchemical caves they would be found along three different tunnels present in the area of Old Town.

Esoteric Turin: the mystery of the underground tunnels
A tour in underground Turin

The first gallery should be located in the basement of Royal Palace, according to the esotericists "the white magic heart", And linked to Statuto Square, especially the Frejus War Memorial, symbol instead of the "black magic heart". Most likely the tunnel was designed by the same Savoy who used it to meet secretly with their mistresses.
The second gallery, on the other hand, should be located below Piazza Castello, and related to Garibaldi Street. Some think it can go as far as Church of the Gran Madre, on the other side of the river Po. Finally, the last one is completely shrouded in mystery. It is not known where it is located, but it would keep an invaluable asset: the philosopher's Stone. Its extraordinary properties would allow to create a long life elixir, an absolute knowledge of the past and the future, and transforming metals into gold

Why is there talk of an esoteric Turin?

The story of the Esoteric Turin disappears between legend and reality. The chronicles tell of stays in the Savoy capital of the greatest alchemists in history, including the famous Cagliostro e Nostradamus. Among these also the magician Apolonnio di Tyana, less known, but according to most, would have hidden the philosopher's Stone precisely in third alchemical cave.

Esoteric Turin: the Royal Palace at the center of the mystery
View of the facade of the Royal Palace

The tunnels actually represent a reality for Torino. There are numerous buildings that were used during the siege of the city in 1706, and within which the heroic deeds of Pietro Micca.
The appointment of esoteric city it also has political implications. Between 1850 and 1870, i Savoy which aimed at the conquest of the State of the Church, so that the unitary process of Kingdom of Italy materialized, guaranteed in their territories freedom of worship, tolerating even markedly esoteric confessions. The detractors of the future Italian sovereigns therefore hastened to rename Torino "city ​​of the Devil".

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