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The thermal baths and waterfalls of Saturnia, a place of well-being and health, which welcomes many tourists every year, in the heart of Tuscan Maremma.

The Cascate del Mulino with sulphurous water

Saturnia and the famous thermal springs

For 3.000 years thethermal water it flows uninterruptedly from the heart of the earth, traveling a long journey along the slopes of Monte Amiata. We are in Tuscany, and the spa of Saturnia are the best known health and body care attraction in Italy. They are located a few kilometers away from the town. And there are numerous thermal springs which affect the Monte Amiata area. Waters that are very rich in minerals and sulphurous deposits.

Detail of a basin of the Mulino waterfalls in Saturnia with three bathers
"Saturnia" by candido33 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

To be precise, they are waters "Sulphurous-carbonic, sulphated, bicarbonate-alkaline and earthy" and gush to one temperature of about 37,5 °. They have therapeutic and relaxing properties. The thermal baths of Saturnia were already known in ancient times. The Etruscans, in fact, made use of their waters, with curative characteristics. Later the Romans also enjoyed their benefits. According to mythology it was a thunderbolt hurled by Jupiter against Saturn to open the gates of hell and to make thewater smelly, but at the same time miraculous.

The free thermal waterfalls

The thermal baths of Saturnia are so famous that it was built near the springs an exclusive resort with an adjoining wellness center and spa. But what is even more characteristic and attractive are the outdoor waterfalls. They are two and completely free: the Mulino and Gorello waterfalls. The first are the outdoor spa best known and photographed in Tuscany. Behind a water mill, a torrent of thermal water flows, which plunges into pools of different sizes.  

Detail of the Mulino waterfalls in Saturnia

Pools that generate refreshing waterfalls and cascades filling up. A spectacle for the spirit and the eyes. Indeed the contrast of color between the white travertine, the stone and the blue of the water stands out and, on cooler days, the steam of the hot water generates an enchanted and magical landscape. . The water of the thermal baths has many properties. It benefits the respiratory system, the skin is naturally smoothed. Bathing in Saturnia is a natural anti-stress.

A bath that regenerates body and spirit

The waters are a real elixir of youth, have antioxidant substances and are considered antiaging. Furthermore, there is a large concentration of vitamins and minerals. During the dive you can notice the presence of thermal plankton. It is an organic substance very rich in cosmetic and regenerative principles, which when in contact with oxygen releases elements that are important for the health of the body.  The therapeutic features are endless and, whether it is a joint or respiratory problem, or simply you want to relax, you can find the right remedy.

The thermal park of the Terme di Saturnia

Therefore, the thermal baths of Saturnia are a beautiful, pleasant place, but, above all, a panacea that restores the balance not only of the body but also of the spirit. To visit absolutely, they are easily accessible from all over Italy. The waterfalls and spas are open to the public all year round. Furthermore, they are surrounded by a territory, the Tuscan one, which offers many opportunities for recreation. Nearby archaeological sites of great interest. It is possible to visit medieval fortresses and villages, Etruscan necropolis and ancient Roman remains. But also simply being pampered by local delicacies.

The most famous thermal spring in Italy: Saturnia last edit: 2020-08-27T15:00:00+02:00 da Gianna Maione

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