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Turin, elegant and aristocratic, has a particular atmosphere thanks to 26 places in the city and nearby linked to the centuries-old history of royalty

The city of Turin from 1563 to 1865 has always been a capital. First of the Dukes of Savoy, then of the Kingdom of Sardinia and finally of the Kingdom of Italy. To testify their presence, the Savoy family built and expanded castles, residences, places of delight, gardens, churches.

Le Royal Residences they are now open for visits. They house permanent collections and temporary exhibitions. To spend two days like a king, Tourism Turin provides the Royal Card. It is  a card that allows free access to the Royal Residences for 48 hours. Temporary exhibitions are included; the use of urban and suburban public transport. And also the use of the special shuttle to reach directly the Venaria.

The rediscovery of the Royal Merenda

The tradition of "snack" dates back to the 700s when i Savoy they introduced chocolate beans from America to Piedmont and to the court. All weekends in the elegant cafes at the Savoy estates di Royal Palace and Palazzo Madama in Turin he was born in Rivoli Castle and Venaria, you can taste the "royal snack"In the eighteenth-century version. A snack with the original recipe of hot chocolate accompanied by "wet". Cookies specially created to be dipped. Come on diablottini, first chocolates in history.

Great service in historic venues

There is also a nineteenth-century version of the Merenda Reale. It relives in some of the rooms in the center those of greater tradition and more ancient history. Pepino Gelateria, Neuv Caval 'd Brons Modern roasting, San Carlo coffee and Elena coffee.

The modern version provides instead of chocolate, what has become a symbol of Turin: the Bicerin. A drink based on coffee, mozzarella and chocolate, always accompanied with dips and other types of chocolate: cri-cri, famous gianduiotti and Chivasso hazelnuts.

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