The name 'Pizza Napoletana' has been registered in the European register of guaranteed traditional specialties; the Official Journal of the European Union confirms it. The 'Pizza Napoletana' had previously been registered as a traditional specialty guaranteed (TSG) but without reservation of the name. In fact, to benefit from the TSG denomination, an agricultural or food product must comply with the specification and can be registered with or without the reserved use of the name.

The name 'Pizza Napoletana' in the EU register

The production canons of the Neapolitan Pizza are recorded for the first time in 1984 after a meeting of historic Neapolitan pizza makers. In this meeting a first is drawn up, brief disciplinary, then officially registered with a notarial deed. In 2004 the process for recognition at European level began and in 2010 the STG (Traditional Specialty Guaranteed) certificate was awarded to the most famous leavened specialty in the world. For the occasion, the preparation rules and the ingredients used are definitively recorded and specified in the Production Regulations. With the new registration of these days, imitations of Neapolitan pizza are outlawed in Europe. From 18 December next, the Regulation that protects the recipe from imitations on menus and canned packages comes into force.

Italian pizza

An important result for Italian food, considering the symbolic value of pizza, the 'main food' of Naples. Dish that identifies Italy in the world. In practice, based on what has been registered in Italy and in the European Union, the name of the product can therefore only be used on the packaging or in the menus of restaurants and pizzerias that guarantee its preparation. As indicated by the specification. Rules concerning the leavening hours, the hand spreading of the dough, the filling methods, the baking in the oven wood burning at 485 degrees and the height of an inch or two of the cornice.

Traditional specialties guaranteed, the name Neapolitan pizza in the EU register last edit: 2022-12-01T16:26:00+01:00 da Maria Scaramuzzino

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