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Let's talk to the Dr. Mariangela Barfi, graduated in Veterinary Medicine, and specialized in "Techniques and pathology of poultry, rabbit and game species", at the "Federico II" University of Naples, with a passion for the wildest nature, for exotic animals and with very innovative ideas.

veterinary with an amphibian paw

We are faced with a symbiotic personality with flora and fauna, and immersed in them becomes part of them in the resulting sound, and feels part of that universe. Dr. Barfi carries a modern attitude in the new Italian veterinary, and in her experiences and research, she is building a special place as a cornerstone for study and research.
The basic intuition is to combine analysis with study, passion and communication, trying to establish authentic contact not only with the animal, but trying to bring the "human client" to relate to his dog, immersing himself in the nature itself as therapy. This approach that we can define "round”Is certainly a pioneering philosophy, however it deserves to be explored for the benefits that can derive from it.

How did your passion for this job come about and then being a veterinary is just a profession or a life choice?

The passion for the veterinary was born as a child; I have combined a love for animals with an interest in medicine. Being a Doctor is not just a job, but a "call", you need to be patient, train yourself for continuous updates and you need to know how to collect disappointments, since in recent years the approach to animals has changed a lot.

veterinary with a reptile

To be a veterinarian, do you have to love animals or love nature in general?

I love nature in its completeness and harmony, I relate to it on many important occasions in my life. I walk in the woods, listen to the sounds, hug them trees, I listen to the enchantment of creation to feel part of it and I highly recommend it to my clients. You see, the for therapy it is fundamental in the medical field, it aims to prepare the patient for medical therapies, and it is incredible how many benefits children who undergo this type of therapy have, even in the psychiatric sphere. However, I believe that it is much more profitable to do it in the midst of nature, rather than in an apartment room and I believe that the Italian government should do this and put us at the forefront, I really believe in this.

What do you think of animals that wear a coat or are dyed?

An animal should keep its nature; no matter the designer accessories, the perfume, think rather to preserve his health with prophylaxis and periodic visits to the vet, who sometimes has to intervene in situations doomed. I take care of birds or reptiles relegated in cases or cages that are sometimes too small and do not allow a dignified life. I love nature in its entirety, free animals, living according to the unwritten laws of nature, without human coercion. Man has broken many balances, has modified the ecosystem, has cemented, so animals look for adaptation and food, and we find wolves, bears, and wild boars in Rome! I look forward to a reintegration of animals from circuses and zoos in historic houses parks suitable to welcome them and I hope that this exploitation ends and I hope that the Italian government moves in this direction and I admire the LOW.

iguana with the vet
A misadventure she ran into with an animal?

Once I came across a turtle with a semi-destroyed bloody carapace. The animal attacked by a dog, seemed doomed, but slowly, with care, love and with its tank character, it recovered incredibly. She would have needed a prosthesis, but even if it was badly done she got away with it! I invite people to go for a walk with the dog in the woods like me, observe the colors, the lights that filter through, study the reactions of the animal in that environment, and try to mix with everything. This for me is the new man / animal / environment relationship of the future and I hope that Italians are more active in institutions to give harmony to our life with animals in a natural environment and support the WWF.

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