I had the pleasure of interviewing Gianluca, UAV pilot - UAS operator ENAC certificate of Roma, specialized in photos and aerial shots throughout Italy. His photographs and videos of him caught my attention and I was intrigued by his story. Gianluca has more than 12.000 followers on Instagram where he shares his photos and videos made with the use of drones.

When and how did you discover your passion for photography and video?

After buying the first drone for fun, I realized that photography hid perspectives that I could never have imagined: the world observed from another point of view. From that moment on I decided to seriously undertake this fascinating journey.

What is your favorite photo / video and why?

There are several videos and aerial shots that I am particularly fond of, I would not be able to choose one in particular. We all know that a city like Rome is full of beauty. I can only add that the EUR is a little underestimated: I think modern architecture also has great charm.

What inspires your creativity as a photographer and videographer?

Usually the inspiration comes to me on the spot, later, with the experience it acquires, I try to "respect" the basic rules of photography and video shooting.

Do you have a dream in the drawer? 

Yes, but my secret dream is practically unattainable: I would like to be able to fly over St. Peter's Basilica, including the Vatican, with the necessary permits which are rather difficult, if not impossible, to obtain despite my requirements as a professional pilot.

If you want to see the photos and videos made by Gianluca with his drones and admire the wonders of our beautiful Italy, visit the site Drones & Drones where you can also find the services he offers as a certified drone pilot.

Gianluca also has a Diploma in Piano, a Degree in Music Didactics and in-depth study of Conducting and Composition.

Interview with Gianluca, expert and enthusiast of drones last edit: 2022-09-29T18:34:52+02:00 da Daniel Ferlaino

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