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Trento it is the Italian city where you live best. To reveal it is the Report on the Quality of Life in Italy 2022, played by ItaliaOggi in collaboration with the 'University La Sapienza of Rome and with Cattolica insurance, come to his 24esima edition. The capital of the autonomous province of the same name is in the leading group in almost all the areas examined for the report. This made it possible to move from the second position of 2021 to the first, bypassing the former record holder Parma (now collapsed in seventh position). Then on the podium of the 2022 edition Bolzano e Bologna, come in third and fourth place in the previous edition. Still results for the cities of the Southern Italy, with Crotone which continues to remain stable in the last position, as a city with the worst quality of life in Italy. This once again confirms the great rift which exists between the North and South of our country.

The ranking also shows other noteworthy data as far as the overall ranking is concerned. One of these is the collapse of Torino, which passes into 54th position, losing no less than 35 positions compared to the 2021 ranking. Good results instead for Pesaro Urbino (from 56th to 30th position), As a (from 62nd to 32nd position) e Rimini (from 37th to 61st).

Report on the Quality of Life in Italy 2022: a two-speed country

The ItaliaOggi study examined 92 indicators and concerns nine important areas: Business and work, Environment, Education and training, Income and wealth, Social Security e free time. As already mentioned, the result of Trento was extraordinary, in fact it is the only case that has occurred in the history of the Report on the Quality of Life in Italy. The other provinces of the Northeast Italy they obtained similar results in Trento (the average score at the dimensional level of these provinces in fact exceeds the corresponding national average score). On the other hand, the province of Crotone is the spokesperson for the various criticality of Southern Italy in every area of ​​research. Unfortunately, in fact, none of the provinces of the Noon (including islands) is among the first 32 leading provinces. This is a problem that has been going on for several years now and the recent emergency due to pandemic it only made the situation worse.

From Trento to Crotone: the best and worst provinces of 2022

The general ranking drawn up by ItaliaOggi in its Report on the Quality of Life in Italy 2022, however, shows interesting data. In addition to Trento, Bolzano and Bologna, in the top 10 of the most livable provinces of our country are present (respectively) Firenze, Milano, Siena, Parma, Pordenone, Trieste e Modena. The differences from last year are few. Milan remains stable in fifth place, Florence loses two positions, while the aforementioned Parma even six (from first to seventh place). The only positive is Siena, which from 12th place in 2021 manages to win a sixth place. By analyzing the last ten positions, it can be seen that Crotone is al 107esimo place of the ranking for the second consecutive year. A little further up they are classified SIRACUSA, Caltanissetta, Napoli, Agrigento, Catania, Foggia, Vibo Valentia, Taranto e Palermo (in 98th place). The only change (negative) was Agrigento, which collapsed from 95th to 103rd position.

This negative trend of the regions of Southern Italy will continue in the next few years or sooner or later there will be one revenge of the South? Unfortunately, every possible "prediction" seems to lead to negative answers. The hope is, however, that one day Italy can thin that gap (not to say abyss) that exists between North and South. Who knows if and who knows when.

Featured photo: Lorenza Liandru - Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0).

Quality of life in Italy 2022: Trento is in first place last edit: 2022-11-09T10:24:01+01:00 da Antonello Ciccarello

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