In Veneto, land and water meet in many ways. This wedding has given life to one of the most sought after and precious places on our planet. Its wealth is due to its immense cultural heritage. But also to its breathtaking landscapes and its incredible variety of environments and ecosystems.

The Veneto landscape

From the high peaks of the Alps and the Dolomites, evocative open-air paintings. On the plains planted with vines, where the Po flows, to the great lakes, like the eastern shore of Lake Garda on which stands Peschiera del Garda. Until you slip on the green hills of the Euganean Hills. And then along the characteristic lagoons and long and sandy beaches, where there are historic seaside resorts, such as Jesolo and Bibione. The coast of this region looks towards the east. Always a natural field of expansion for Venice, the Serenissima Maritime Republic. Venice, a unique emotion in the world, entirely built on the islands of the lagoon. A precious work of art built by man on the precariousness of a land taken from the sea.

Surprising treasures

In Veneto, in addition to the famous cities of art, the splendid Palladian Villas, formerly UNESCO heritage, are of particular beauty. The ancient homes of the aristocratic landowners, located in the flat belt of the region, in the province of Vicenza. These villas were real production complexes, surrounded by fields and vineyards. Particularly sought after its villages, like Arquà Petrarca, in which Petrarch settled down until his death. And AsoloBorghettoCison di Valmarino and Bassano del Grappa, which collect the multifaceted essence of this region.

The thermae and the sea

Veneto is also known for its beneficial thermal waters and numerous equipped facilities. Like the Terme EuganeeAbano and Teolo. All relaxation centers dedicated to wellness and personal care.

The craft

The Venetian craft traditions find a scenario of irresistible charm in Murano, for the art of glass. In Burano for the art of lace. This lively region, always in celebration, finds in the explosion of the colours of the Venice Carnival, the legendary festival, one of its greatest artistic and cultural expressions.

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