Lombardia is among the most extensive regions in Italy. A fascinating land rich in history, where nature, art and innovation blend harmoniously. The region of the great Alpinepeaks, of the glaciers, of the naturalparks, of the lower PoValley and especially of the great lakes. The Stelvio National Park, which Lombardia shares with some of the neighbouring regions, preserves lush forests and rare species of plants and animals.

The Alps

Valcamonica, Valtellina and Valchiavenna make up the Alpine chain that embraces Lombardia, giving water and regulating the climate. A labyrinth of articulations, walls and ridges that emerge over 3500 meters, give unique emotions to winter sports enthusiasts. This is also thanks to modern equipment, located in the localities of Tonale and Bormio.

The Lakes

Typical and numerous lakes that shore this region. Like the Lake Garda, full of history and charm. Here, stands one of the most characteristic towns of the Brescia side, Sirmione. With its regenerating spas, it guarantees magical stays of relaxation. Then we find the famous LakeComo. Magical Manzoni scenography of the newlyweds, with its enchanting villages and magnificent landscapes. Finally, we find Lake Maggiore, surrounded by parks and noble villas. From the shores of Lake Iseo, along the hilly slopes and gentle terraces outlined by vines and vineyards, one arrives at the lands of Franciacorta, one of the most renowned places for the production of wines and sparkling wines.

The Po

The undisputed Prince of Lombardia is the Po, the river that crosses these open horizons, creating pools of water and irrigating the rows of poplars at the limit of the immense rice fields. Here, stands, among folklore and tradition, castles and hydraulic works, the famous Lomellina, the land of the mondine of the past.


The capital of the region, as well as the capital of Italian fashion, is Milan. This city preserves the memory of the past that blends with the economic and industrial reality. Its Cathedral, the Duomo with its elegant style that stand out towards the sky, decorated with over three thousand statues, is the symbol of the city.

Food and cuisine

Lombardy with its flavours and its aromas, has given life to a tasty and tasty cuisine. Most famous are the: risotto saffron, Milanese cutlet, and panettone, known very well in Italy as well as globally.

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