Emilia Romagna is a generous land, with its luxuriant and green plains that welcome cities rich in history and art. But also enchanting landscapes, famous beaches and natural parks that make it memorable. On the Adriatic Riviera, symbol of the “sun and sea” holiday accessible to all, one can find a vast choice of maritime cities. Like RiminiRiccione and Cesena. Animated by elegant hotels, modern buildings and countless places for refreshment and recreation, which guarantee a relaxing and stress free holiday.

Environmental treasure

Thanks to its geographical location, Emilia Romagna, which acts as a glue between the continental and Mediterranean areas of our peninsula, enjoys a unique environmental heritage. The environment is protected by the presence of two national parks. The one of the Tosco Emiliano Apennines and that of the Casentinesi Forests. Real cradles for biodiversity. But there are also fourteen regional reserves. These offer a variety of itineraries designed almost tailored to the needs of nature lovers. The Apennine area is a paradise for winter sports lovers thanks to the numerous facilities equipped.

The thermal waters and tourism

The hinterland offers beautiful spas, such as Salsomaggiore and Bagno di Romagna. Here you will find a wide range of wellness centres, thanks to the numerous types of waters that flow there and the modern technologies that enhance the traditional spa treatments. From the Apennines to the Riviera, there are many opportunities for fun for all ages, thanks to the many tourist attractions. Like the Adventure Parks, which enliven the green areas of the region.

Land and culture

Considered among the most fertile and productive in Italy, Emilia Romagna offers the visitor breathtaking landscapes, in a mixture of colours and scents of the earth. These landscapes have inspired illustrious minds as evidenced by Verdi’s works and Pascoli’s poetry. Until the cinema of the unforgettable Fellini, whose screenplays have come to life in many places in Emilia Romagna.


To remember the streets of wine and flavours, to rediscover the historical and cultural identity of the territories with typical products and unforgettable flavours. From the peasants of Emilia to the mariners of Romagna, passing through the lagoon of the valleys of Comacchio with its eels. Pride of the regional cuisine are tasty and generous dishes such as lasagnatagliatelletortellini. But the pride of the gastronomic tradition is certainly Parmesan.  Tons of festivals,  are scattered throughout the territory. To remember the Garibaldi party in Cesenatico and the evocative palio with historical parade in Faenza.

San Marino

At the southeastern end of Emilia Romagna, Marino retreated, fleeing the anti-Christian persecutions of the Romans. From this first community, the Republic of San Marino was born. An autonomous state with its own government, the third smallest state in Europe.

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