AISM to help the research and combat multiple sclerosis. It is necessary to create a “network”, to use a current expression, and to fight cohesive and united the disease, financing scientific research.


AISM is fully involved throughout the national territory. It is important that attention to research does not fall, indeed that we talk about it, to help patients to have a better quality of life.

AISM -manifest of the event

Multiple sclerosis is a severe, chronic, debilitating and unpredictable central nervous system disease; this is why families that live this “status” every day need continuous support. In this regard it is important to support and promote the values of Aism capillary in the territory to arrive early to defeat multiple sclerosis. Unfortunately it is one of the most serious diseases of the central nervous system, chronic, unpredictable and progressively debilitating.

AISM -bags with apples

The disease mainly affects the age group between 20 and 40 years, that is young people in the period of project life. MS does not yet have a treatment, but science is making great strides forward.

Multiple sclerosis and treatment

The initiative that will peacefully “invade” the squares of Italy, enjoys the High Patronage of the Presidency of the Republic; aims to raise funds for important charity projects. As every year, more than 10,000 volunteers will take to the streets to distribute lots of 1.8 kg bags of apples.

AISM -disabled girl

You can choose between the golden, the smith, or the delicious, to take home, knowing that you have done something beautiful and profitable. In exchange for the bag, a minimum donation of € 9.00 is requested, to support the research that contrasts Sclerosis. Nevertheless, we want to implement the health and social services needed to improve the quality of life of sick people. The funds raised through national events allow each year to guarantee a lot of support for scientific research of excellence and cannot be slowed down. Not only that, but also the activities that A.I.S.M. realizes for sick people are essential.

AISM volunteers

Volunteers are never enough and there are many things that those who cannot move freely need. Therefore, from Friday 4 to Sunday 6 October Aism returns with “An apple against multiple sclerosis“. The banquets of the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association characterized by red colour, will be unmistakable. The A.I.S.M. Italian relies heavily on the energy and enthusiasm of so many volunteers to make the public aware of supporting the Association, because research needs funding.

AISM - researcher

The goal to find a cure for sclerosis shouldn’t be far; improving the quality of life of the 70,000 people affected in our country today! The appointment with the solidarity this year is dedicated above all to the young, to fight a battle still in slope. The volunteers will be operating in the squares from 09.30. For anyone wishing to contact the AISM Address: Via Cavour, 179, 00184 Rome RM. Telephone: 06 474 3355. Italy toll-free number 800.80.30.28

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