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A team of experts and volunteers is struggling relentlessly and against the time to launch a solution to prevent and monitor the risk of COVID-19 contagion. The Italian App for smartphones, aimed at all countries or individual communities of people, that is about to be lauched is called Reticolo .

Reticolo: an Italian app

Reticolo is a unicum of different solutions designed to identify asymptomatic individuals, trace and identify people with symptoms. It establishes risk indices based on the meeting each user has had with other people in the last few days. Also indicating users’ dangerousness given their previous contacts with people who are sick or with high-risk potential.
The App can also send real-time notifications to users, suggesting the behaviors to be followed just in case they meet individuals at risk. It is based on algorithms that analyze different parameters such as small distances between users, their state of health, when meetings took place.

italian app: reticolo immagine dell'app

In order to offer reliable results and be efficient, Reticolo requires a massive participation of users to support the so-called “network effect”, also offering advantages within individual communities. The team, currently focused on calibrating the algorithms used by the app, aims to release a first version within ten days, continuing to work on improving it over time. The App was conceived and designed by the founder of Pickoin and Amagis Capital, a company active in Fintech. With the support of people from the Amagis team and outside Amagis, also of the new Heart4Earth Foundation, which deals with social issues.

Available for free 

Users can download the Italian app Reticolo from Google Play and Apple Store, free of charge. The initiative stems from the commitment and participation of non-profit volunteers. If the App were to become a useful tool to counter COVID-19 on a technological level, the initiative should be financially supported to cover the costs of computing resources and database mostly related to the use of fee-based technology resources from Amazon’s AWS platform.

We believe that this App can make a difference in the fight against Coronavirus. We will let you know promptly when it becomes available.


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