Today’s data, April 23, are very encouraging, let’s see the details.

The spread

The growth of daily infected people slows down compared to yesterday. Today 2,646 new cases have been reported, out of a total of 189,973. These data are the result of 66,658 swabs, the highest number of tests since the start of the pandemic. The percentage of positive swabs is 4%, the lowest figure so far.

Other important data on April 23

The decline in the total number of positive cases continues! Today there are, in fact, 851 fewer positives than yesterday. This is a very important fact to understand the pandemic trend. The number of current positive cases is largely influenced by the high number of people healed observed today. 3,033 patients have been cured in 24 hours, out of a total of 57,576. The epidemic curve also descends, from 1.83% to 1.41%.

From hospitals

The excellent trend about hospital pressure continues, thanks to a large decrease in patients in intensive care units and patients hopsitalized with symptoms. There are 2,267 ICU patients, 117 less than yesterday. The number of patients hospitalized with symptoms also decreased, 934 fewer patients, out of a total of 22,871.

Death tool

Here is the data that saddens us daily. In the past 24 hours, 464 patients suffering from Coronavirus passed away. Unfortunately, the number of deceased will be the last to drops, being a consequence of the infections of the previous weeks.

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