Ingenuity and technology at the service of citizens and hospitals in particular. Covid 19, or Coronavirus, if you like, has changed the lives of Italians and the whole world. And this is why, precisely because social activity is severely limited, thanks to modern means it will be possible, even from home, to try to maintain the usual daily routine.
Among these technological means there’s WiFi Italy hospitals project.

WiFi Italy in hospitals, the Mise project

The initiative is part of what the Minister for technological innovation and digitization has launched in recent days. The “digital solidarity” project, extended to the whole national territory, with the aim of helping people, professionals and businesses. Through digital services, we can continue our activities and maintain our life habits, while respecting the provisions for the containment and contrast of the spread of Coronavirus.

simbolo del WiFi Italia ospedali

The project involves the supply and installation of up to 5,000 WiFi Access Points in public hospitals of the National Health Service. A real revolution that will make Italian hospitals take a leap forward in terms of digital modernization. The basic idea is to allow all citizens to connect, for free and in a simple way, to a free and widespread wifi network throughout the national territory.

WiFi Italy hospitals, how to join the project

Hospitals that intend to join the initiative should send an e-mail to [email protected] The application form must contain the name of the hospital with address, house number and name, surname and contacts of the technical reference person who should act as contact person.

WiFi Italia ospedali - ospedale

Infratel Italia will contact the technical staff and arrange a visit for the inspection and subsequent installation. Infratel Italia will proceed with the installations giving priority to the date and time of arrival of the request.

The technical partnership

As part of the “Digital Solidarity” initiative, Infratel Italia intends to support public hospitals through the “Wi-Fi Italy hospitals” project. Within the “Piazza Italia Wi-Fi” plan the company, in agreement with the MISE and in collaboration with TIM technical partner, will proceed with the supply and installation of up to 5,000 Wi-Fi access points in public hospitals. The aim of the project is to provide a user-friendly and free digital support to all users of hospital structures. The “Wi-fi Italy hospitals” program also intends to pursue this aim through the federation of Wi-Fi networks that may already be present. These installed and federated Access Points will become part of the unique “” network.

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