Elderly people are among the most fragile and most exposed to coronavirus. If they are no longer autonomous or no longer have families, the situation becomes more complicated. Among the various alarms and requests for help that have echoed far and wide for Italy in these days, we have decided to underline the aid of the elderly guests of nursing homes. In fact, in nursing homes, there is a shortage of health masks.

Coronavirus, deaths and infections among grandparents hospitalized from Lombardy to Tuscany

With more and more retirement homes affected by the infection, more than 300 thousand grandparents are hosted in 7 thousand structures from north to south of Italy. This is what emerges from an analysis by Uecoop, the European Union of Cooperatives, based on data from the Ministry of the Interior in relation to the coronavirus pandemic. Which is particularly affecting the weaker sections of the population.

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Death and infections multiply in nursing homes, from Medicina in the area of Bologna to Barbariga and Quinzano nearby Brescia. From Merlara in the Padua area to Comeana in the province of Prato. Safety measures must be strengthened considering that almost 1 out of 3 elderly people are hospitalized in the epicenter areas of the coronavirus. Between Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Veneto.

Coronavirus, the complaint of Uecoop about nursing homes

“The situation is very hard and it is forcing us to work in extreme conditions – reports Uecoop. Also due to the difficulties in recovering masks and protective clothing for RSA staff. In the war against Coronavirus, it is essential – Uecoop highlights – that operators working in nursing homes are equipped with all the protection tools to protect both their own health and that of the elderly who have to look after, most of which are not self-sufficient.

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The outbreak in a retirement home can turn into a drama. For grandparents, for their relatives and for the same social and health workers who follow them. Assistance inside and outside specialized residences is a national strategic service of growing importance. In a medium-term scenario in which the elderly will grow in number both in cities and in small urban centers “.

An increasingly ageing society

“Furthermore – continues Uecoop – despite nursing homes we generally have an excellent level of quality and have increased in number by 30% in ten years. In Italy the average availability is only 1 bed for every 41 elderly people”. And just the non-self-sufficient grandparents will double to almost 5 million by 2030 with about 10% hospitalized in specialized structures. It’s a sector that in the next fifteen years will need investments between 14 and 24 billion euros to guarantee beds and assistance, according to an analysis carried out by Uecoop on the latest Ubi Banca report on RSAs in Italy.

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“A situation – concludes Uecoop – which requires organizing a welfare system capable of responding to the demand for assistance and services of Italian families by enhancing collaboration between the public and private sectors”.


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