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There is a peaceful army of frontline volunteers alongside health workers in this battle against the coronavirus. These are ordinary people who set aside the fear of contagion and armed with a mask and gloves work side by side with the Civil Protection, Anpas, the Italian Red Cross and Mercies. The mission is to help out where there is need.

Volunteers , that’s who they are

About 50 thousand good-hearted people took the field in this health emergency. People who come from many sectors, with different experiences. There are those who work, those who are unemployed, those who still study. People who have left their families, their children, to line up among aid workers and help.

coronavirus volontari / volunteers

The risks are many. They know that they could be infected, but solidarity is stronger than fear. There are also someone who is offering his professionalism to deal with the Covid-19 emergency. Psychologists and social workers are offering free consultations. The parishes have mobilized to create solidarity chains and deliver basic necessities to needy families.

The courage of the volunteers

Volunteer associations have been in the “trenches” since the beginning. They were aware of exposing themselves to the infection, being in contact with patients with coronavirus.

volontari portano farmaci

They bring drugs or groceries and are close to immunosuppressed or elderly people even for simple psychological support. And together with the volunteers who are working during this emergency there are also those who have been carring out this activity for a long time. We talk about those who served in various social field and who have now diverted all energies on this emergency.

The lack of safety devices

The shortage of masks to protect from the contagion also affects volunteers. Italy is facing this great difficulty. Fortunately, thanks to the incentives allocated with the CuraItalia decree, many factories have been converted.

volunteers volontari e prevenzione per il coronavirus

In the Haute Couture sector, designers such as Giorgio Armani, Gucci, or Prada are already producing lab coats and masks for health workers. And many safety devices are coming from all over the world. At the forefront, a task force of doctors and many are coming from abroad to support our hospitals. And now with the new call of civil protection, a team of 500 new nurses will join. 9,448 applications were registered in 48 hours. Solidarity is good for the heart and for the recovery of our country, Italy.


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