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In these quarantine, go shopping becomes extremely difficult. So what to put in the cart? In the next paragraphs we suggest you the must-have products in your home.

Shopping carefully

As we all know, the decree forbids us to go out. Or rather, we can go only out of necessity. And therefore, what we are going to put in the cart is the result of an intelligent and accurate choice, which allows us to eat nutritious but at the same time tasty dishes. And therefore it is advisable to draw up a list of what you need before leaving home, so as not to find yourself unprepared once you reach the supermarket. Also because we cannot waste to much in doing the shopping.

fare la spesa pasta
Let’s buy pasta


Pasta is one of those products that should never miss on the table. So yes to pasta, perhaps better if whole wheat pasta. Because of the quarantine, in fact, we are forced to stay at home and therefore we don’t move much. And again, rice; spelt; cous cous; barley and quinoa. In this way, you have several options to make inviting first courses.

Our shopping list suggests canned goods

But to cook first courses, you will also need lentils; chickpeas; boiled beans and frozen minestrone soup. These products are useful, especially on slightly gloomy days. And then, inevitable, in the cart, the tomato sauce should not be missing: it is the main ingredient of many courses of the Italian tradition.

Products in oil

Among the must-have in your home there are capers or anchovies. They are in jars, so you can keep them for a long time. Among the delights in oil, however, how not to mention dried tomatoes: excellent for main dishes, but also for second courses, they are absolutely a must-have and that will make your taste buds happy. Other products to keep at home are sardines or mackerel; these too are preserved without problems.

Cheese and dairy products

In our shopping cart there must always be cheese and dairy products. When you go shopping, remember to buy milk (preferably long-life); ricotta (perhaps with a view to some sweets); cheeses such as pecorino or grana. And for mid-day snacks, we suggest you to have a quite supply of yoghurt.

Fruits and vegetables are in our shopping list too

Fruits and vegetables should never be missing at home. Among the fruit we suggest oranges, apples, kiwis and lemons (for their vitamin content). Among the vegetables we suggest radicchio; endive; savoy cabbage; cauliflower; carrots and pumpkin. You can also opt for frozen vegetables, such as spinach or beets. In addition, we suggest you also buy dried fruit such as almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts (strictly unsalted).

fare la spesa caffè shopping
Coffee is a must-have in our home

…and then again

Obviously, remember to also buy oil (seed oil/ EVO); coffee; salt and sugar. Especially the latter, they are flying off the shelves in supermarkets, so we suggest you keep them at home. Then the wheat flour and all-purpose flour, the frist one is excellent for pizzas; the second one is good for sweets. To these products yeast must also be added (dehydrated and baking powder), this too is hard to find now.

Other products to keep at home

Among the necessary products there are those for the home and personal hygiene: detergents for floors and for the washing machine; shampoo and shower gel; toothpaste. These are important cleaning products. Finally, don’t forget to buy parchment paper and bags to freeze: these are excellent for storing some leftover food. Also because, is important not to throw anything away!


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