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Maurizio Borsari, with whom we spoke on the phone, is the owner of a company that produces sophisticated devices. This invention, in these days of “coronavirus”, saves lives.
In the case, we are talking about a machine that is a solution at the forefront to facilitate patient breathing. Because helmet Cpap, isolates the patient.

Maurizio Borsari - il dispositivo ideato da Borsari
fonte foto – Maurizio Borsari

Maurizio Borsari

Helmet Cpap is a true Italian excellence. With its function, it avoids crowding the intensive care units. Maurizio Borsari, as early as 1991, creates the first helmet prototype. The idea was born as a suitable alternative to the hyperbaric chamber. Then in 1999, he founded Starmed, which is the first manufacturer of these helmets in the world. They assist non-invasive ventilation, or the “Niv”.

the 47D11 antibody - immagine di un virus

The company was then acquired by Intersurgical. In 2002 Borsari also founded Dimar. The idea is to develop a truly global philosophy on Niv, supported by very futuristic technologies. Currently, their production has tripled. It passed from 200 to around 600 devices a day. The pace of work are very tight in the Dimar factory in Medolla, a small company in the lower Modena area. The work shifts got significantly longer, moreover, the staff has been strengthened, with the hiring of other skilled workers.

Maurizio Borsari and his helmet Cpap

For such a delicate job, however, a period of training is necessary, since we are talking about a top quality Italian excellence. The company, one of the few in the world, specializes in the production of non-invasive ventilation devices. We are talking about a machinery that assist the intensive care units in a very important way.

helmet cpap by Maurizio Borsari - stretta di mano simboleggiante l'unione per combattere il virus

So the key is now the helmet “Cpap”. In fact, it is like a transparent cylinder, designed for hospitals and local health authorities. The helmet is inflatable, and looks like a device to go into space. Infected patients must wear this helmet that deliver high oxygen concentrations inside. At the same time, it facilitates patient breathing and therefore improves the clinical picture. Thanks to these combined functions, as we said, intensive care units are less congested.

Helmet Cpap

Furthermore, it isolates the respiratory tract from the outside world, being locked down at the neck. This prevents possible contagions. Finally, the cylinder is completely transparent and does not give a claustrophobic sensation. The air and oxygen delivered create a positive pressure environment, which helps the pulmonary alveoli to open up and work better. Non-invasive ventilation is used in patients with chronic bronchitis who arrive in hospital with respiratory failure, or in those who have pulmonary edema. However, the patient had some trouble breathing because his heart doesn’t work as efficiently as it could, as happens in any form of respiratory failure. Many hospitals are ordering this device and orders also arrive from abroad too. However, given the emergency Borsari says the “helmets” all remain in Italy, by ministerial decree,

Italian excellences

Helmets CPAP have proven to be strategic for the care of patients affected by Covid-19. The devices are effective, and relatively simple to use. Lombardy has purchased more than two thousand with government funds for the emergency. According to professionals, these helmets should be placed at the forefront of life-saving therapies. Currently, there are twenty-four international studies documenting that patients with severe respiratory crisis improve thanks to these helmets. We are talking about studies that compare helmets with classic oxygen masks. They avert the most invasive maneuvers such as intubation into the trachea. Scientifically, the Italian technological level in this sector is very high. However, these systems are still poorly understood and used almost exclusively in intensive care. We thank Bersari for the great help and best wishes to him and his team.


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