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Lockdown led us to rediscover life from new perspectives. It helped us to understand the literal value of ‘staying’ within the walls of houses. He pushed us strongly towards what makes us feel good, and to express our creativity in the best way to obtain it in conditions of urgency and limitation. And it is precisely on domestic creativity that Dolce & Gabbana wanted to focus on promoting their new solidarity project: #DGFATTOINCASA.

fatto in casa - ferri per lavorare a maglia - homemade - knitting needles

The idea was born from the desire to rediscover the magic of handmade inside one’s own homes, where warmth and sharing are the very material of creation. The spirit to which the stylists refer openly is that of the old workshop house. The project, launched on 6 May on the Dolce & Gabbana social channels, aims to create a small digital laboratory. A channel of virtual appointments, workshops dedicated to art and crafts and tutorials to teach and appreciate the beauty of manual creation. And it is no coincidence that the handmade is also the common denominator of the Dolce and Gabbana Fall/Winter 2020 collection.

“The project comes from the idea of the” home workshop “of the past: we are romantic, perhaps a little nostalgic – say the two stylists. We wanted to recreate the magic of handmade by combining it with the warmth of the family: the ambition is to bring the beauty of know-how and the poetry of craftsmanship to everyone’s homes, as well as the warmth of a truly extended family. Surely in these weeks we have discovered or rediscovered the pleasure of sharing, of doing things together, perhaps with the help of technology.

fatto in casa - spolette colorare - homemade coloured yarn

The project also best expresses the social commitment of the brand. #DGFATTOINCASA was born first of all to support the Love for scientific research project promoted by Humanitas University, engaged with the team of researchers led by Professor Alberto Mantovani in the experimentation of a vaccine for Covid-19.

“In this delicate period we immediately thought that our creativity could be put at the service of a different project, as shared as possible – Dolce and Gabbana want to clarify. A project that was in tune with the spirit of this time. Not only that, it would serve us, the people who will want to feel involved and, perhaps even more importantly, looking.”

The initiative was accepted by Intesa Sanpaolo who made available its crowfunding platform,, which has long supported non-governmental organizations and non-profit associations in raising humanitarian funds. Intesa Sanpaolo will not withhold commissions. Each euro will be fully paid to the project. To date, almost 290 thousand euros have been collected. 250 thousand were donated by the stylists as a starting point, meaning that in six days the public has already donated around 40 thousand euros. The initiative expires in 81 days and has the ambitious goal of reaching 1,000,000.

Money that in any measure will still be a blessing for the team of Professor Mantovani who also the scientific director of Humanitas and who declares himself grateful and more than optimistic for the future:

“Humanitas continues its battle at Covid-19, and thanks to this collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana it will be possible to extend the fields of research and collaborations. At the moment we know very little about the immune responses against the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 that causes Covid-19: we do not know, for example, whether the antibodies are protective or how long the immunological memory lasts. And we do not know for sure if our first line of defense (innate immunity and which alone manages and eliminates more than 90% of the viruses and bacteria that we encounter) functions and can also be activated against Coronavirus. On this, and in particular on the cells of innate immunity and on the role of some of its molecules, functional ancestors of antibodies, a challenge of the research collected by Humanitas to address Covid19 is concentrated, thanks to the support of Dolce & Gabbana: deepen our knowledge in this the field can open the doors to diagnostic interventions, such as disease severity biomarkers, and therapeutics, contributing to the resolution of a global problem.”

fatto in casa - tiziano ferro foto in bianco e nero - homemade - tiziano ferro black and white photo

Currently there are three contents uploaded to the hashtag DGFATTOINCASA. A cross-stitch lesson given by a D&G prototype teacher who teaches how to knit a “grandmother’s slipper”, a tailoring session by a young collaborator of the fashion house, Andrea, who grew up between a grandmother who worked the thread sleeves and a grandfather who he always wore a suit, and finally a very tasty guest performance by Tiziano Ferro singing Parlami d’amore Marilù (soundtrack of the D&G spots). We await with curiosity. And in the meantime we donate.

Featured image by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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