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“If you love Italy, you must prevent the virus from spreading” this is what Premier Giuseppe Conte said Italians last night before listing the new rules in the decree he called Sblocca Italia (with a reference to Sblocca Canteri). As alreasy known, it will start from May 4th.

Most of the rumors have been respected, but there are important news.

There is still the ban on moving from region to region, but we can go to visit our relatives. Obviously with a mask. Anyway there is still the ben on gatherings. So no festive meals, not even at home. However, all those Italians stuck elsewhere according to the previous provisions will be able to return home.

Still no Masses – nor any gatherings at risk, obviously. But funerals can be celebrated (only for relatives, with mask and respecting distances). Even for the physical activities – necessary to keep Italians healthy by avoiding congestion in hospitals – limits will be less restrictive. The limit of two hundred meters from home for the race is no longer in force and individual training will be allowed behind closed doors. Team training (including professional football) will have to wait until May 18th.

folla- tante persone che attraversano la strada

Also manufacturing and construction will start on May 4th, but always in compliance with the safety protocols. Extremely tight protocols also for what is said to be the most delicate node of this restart: the flows, that is transports that the Italians will use again to regain normalcy.

Even wholesale can reopen on May 4th, but retail should wait at least until 18th, as well as museums, exhibitions and places of cultural interest.

Anticipations from today, April 27th. Public housing reopens. And the restaurant will be granted a take-away service (not only home delivery), but the customer will have to respect strict lines and distancing and above all not to stay outside the shop but to consume the meal at home or in the office. Bars and restaurants have to wait for the first of June to open completely, when even hairdressers, beauticians and the most delicate contact activities will be able to welcome customers.

Italia -  Premier Giuseppe Conte

Confirmed how widely predictable about schools, places really at high risk for the uncontrolled spread of the virus. Students will return in theri classrooms in September.

Many satisfactions and many disappointments, as inevitable in such extraordinary conditions. However, the fact is that the fight does not end and the defense must not loosen. After two and a half months of open conflict we enter a sort of Cold War in which the enemy is not eradicated but secretly insinuates himself into our routine. Conte underlines, at the beginning of his speech, that: “The phase of coexistence with the visus begins for all of us”.

Aware of the difficulty of balancing health and welfare in such a difficult moment, the premier appeals to the Italian people, already praised by the international community for the tenacity with which he reacted to the initial attack of evil. Everyone admired our united country before, says Conte, “and even in the second half Italy will be admired.”

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