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Here are the data today, May 7th. Let’s start with the best news, the number of healed is higher than that of the currently positive!

The spread

The figure for the increase in daily infected people remains in line with the last few days. Today 1,401 new cases have been recorded, for a total of 215,858 since the start of the pandemic. These data are the result of 70,359 swabs, a very high number of tests. The percentage of positive swabs is 2%, a very important figure which seems to have stabilized, out of a good percentage.

Other important data

The downward movement of the total number of positive people continues. Today there are 1,904 positives less than yesterday, for a total of 89,624. Finally, there are now fewer positive healings. In fact, the number of healed patients continues to remain high, with 3,031 patients discharged / negative today, for a total of 96,276 healings. The epidemic curve also drops, from 0.68% to 0.65%.

From hospitals

The excellent trend of decreasing hospital pressure continues, thanks to a large decrease in ICU patients and inpatients with symptoms. ICU patients are 1,311, with 22 patients fewer than yesterday. The number of hospitalized patients with symptoms also dropped for a total of 15,174, with 595 patients less than yesterday.

Death tool

Another drop was recorded in the number of daily deaths. Today, 274 deaths have occurred. A figure that we hope will continue to drop until it reaches 0.

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