Campania, thanks to its luxuriant nature, to the wide coasts, to the rocky coasts smoothed by gentle currents and dense green woods, is one of the most beautiful regions of Italy. The weaves woven from the sea, from history, from architecture, give life to a spectacle of colours and enchanting shapes. Campania is famous all over the world for its customs and its controversial aspects that have become an essence of “Italianness”. The ability to live and good food, which make it unique. A discovery that starts from the sea, from its cliffs and from the steep slopes that roll towards the clear waters.

The coasts

And we immediately think of the faraglioni of Capri, the most prestigious of the islands of the Neapolitan gulf. But also to the evocative suggestions of Ischia that has seen transiting artists from all over the world captivated by its beauty and the crescent-shaped gulfs typical of Procida. Then there is Amalfi, the oldest maritime republic. Here, the atmosphere still mixes and brings back oriental echoes and Nordic attractions. Until Sorrento, bright and wild. Famous for its jagged coastlines that alternate with beaches and terraces towards the sea, used for the cultivation of citrus fruits, vines and olive trees.

The vesuvius

Called “the mountain” by the inhabitants of the villages that revolve around it, Vesuvius, is a huge sculpture created by nature. It dominates everything and inspires majesty and suggestion to visitors. The thought immediately runs to Pompeii and Paestum. Here the charm of the past is shrouded in mystery. Do not miss the splendor of the Royal Palace of Caserta, already recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. More than a thousand rooms full of decorative elements and works of art that celebrate the prestige of the royal family.

The magic of Naples

However, the emblem of Campania is enclosed by Naples. Fascinating and passionate, fully experienced by its inhabitants, picturesque and full of invective. A modern city, but strongly linked to traditions, rich in a thousand year old artistic and cultural heritage. Naples is indisputably the great capital of the Mediterranean.

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