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Phase 2 marks the return to work for about 4 million people across the country. A return that immediately saw a significant increase in the national consumption of takeaway food.

The takeaway has always met the different appetites of the Italians: those who do not have time for the stove in the early morning but cannot stay without cappuccino and croissant, those who vote for the salad at lunch break, who after work with chicken and potatoes to be carried in foil at home and shared with the family.

takeaway - close-up of a cuoppo with fried fish

The data collected by Coldiretti indicate that around one in three Italians (37%) buy take-away food. A trend that in this special historical moment can translate into opportunities for all those specialized structures that are currently the most penalized by the lockdown: bars, trattorias and restaurants (especially if located near railway stations, buses, offices). Their forced closure evidently marked a drop in purchases in the agri-food sector.

According to Coldiretti, before the Coronavirus emergency, spending on lunches, dinners, aperitifs and breakfasts outside the home represented 35% of our total food consumption, for a value of 85 billion euros per year. A fact which the exercises now reopening must take into account. Despite the gradual easing of restrictions, converting much of your takeaway service will no doubt be a smart way forward. A neighbor that is already widespread in large centers thanks to the online delivery apps.

According to a sector survey, 57% of farms also suffered from a drastic drop in activity due to the pandemic in Italy. An impact that changes from sector to sector. With a peak of 100% for the agritourism structures – which in our country are around 24 thousand, and all still closed to comply with the provisions of the Government.

takeaway - view of a farmhouse in the countryside

The opening of the agritourisms is however imminent and with the arrival of the warm season by their very nature (more isolated and decentralized than the hotel centers) they could be able to more easily guarantee compliance with the measures to prevent contagion. These are the rest of structures that promote outdoor wellness, located in non-urban areas. On the other hand, among the most penalized in the first phase of the pandemic, they could represent, for the tourism sector, the vanguard of the revival in the months to come.

We are talking about structures that have always been promoters of Made in Italy worldwide due to their position and history. Natural mice, typical products. While waiting for the full confidence of foreign tourists to return, they too can count on the appreciation of Italian tourists for take away. Meanwhile, to take away those zero kilometer jewels that before today served under branches immersed in the vineyards or in ancient taverns of living stone.

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