The desire of italiani.it is that of creating a global network who share a common passion for Italy, being it from italians or tourists that visited our country and fell in love with it.

Our land , our story. Our roots, our essence, Italy: our home.

This requires love for Italy and hard work…luckily we have loads of both! 

We want to become the first large community of italians in the world. Thanks to our network  one can admire italian beauties, hiddne villages and legends.

For us it doesn’t where you live or where you come from, on our network you are welcome as if it was an italian home. 

http://www.italiani.it The network of Italians in the world

We want to give you real and concrete informations, narrating the many positive sides of Italy is our objective.

We are first and foremost a network of people that love their land and feel the profound need of promoting its beauties.  

Being italian abroad means being ambassadors of those distinctive traits which make us unique and inimitable. Feeling italian in all places and divulging our culture in the globe is our value and mission. 

We are the country that everyone dreams of visiting, thanks to italiani.it you can find out why! 

www.Italiani.it is directed by “Associazione Editori Italiani.it” association of  social promotion registered as an online newspaper at the the municipal of Lamezia Terme n4/17 as of 19th October 2017. 

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