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Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo, after more than four months, is Covid-free. The intensive care unit no longer has patients infected with Coronavirus. Finally, after 137 days from the first admission on 23 February the ward is empty. However Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital still has some patients hospitalized hit by the virus, but who have now neutralized it.

Papa Giovanni Hospital in Bergamo
Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo

The hospital most affected by the pandemic is covid-free

The Covid-free intensive caree at the Giovanni XXIII in Bergamo was symbolically celebrated by the hospital managers. Mainly by the general manager Maria Beatrice Stasi, with the health director Fabio Pezzoli and the director of the Emergency-urgency and critical area department Luca Lorini. A representation of the operators of intensive care also celebrated the news. Bergamo was undoubtedly the city most affected by the pandemic emergency that broke out between the end of February and the beginning of last March.

coronavirus ospedale

Thousands of people affected by the Covid-19 have died in Bergamo hospitals. Just to pay homage to the Bergamo victims of Coronavirus, the health workers of Papa Giovanni XIII Hospital observed a minute’s silence. Then a thunderous and liberating applause started for the approximately 400 operators who work in the intensive care of the hospital.

Hope after pain

In the most critical days during the spread of the contagion, Bergamo hospital came to host over one hundred intubated patients. “Being here in reanimation with the collaborators is a moment of great emotion” said Maria Beatrice Stasi who contracted the virus in a mild form. The hospital general manager reiterated that, after the emergency, Intensive care unit returns to devote itself to all the different pathologies but, by now, without Covid patients.

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We hope – continued the general manager – that this is a descending phase and that the great nightmare with which we found ourselves working in the months of March and April does not return.” The director of the department, Lorini, said with satisfaction: “Doctors, nurses, technicians. We all joined together to fight this terrible enemy and today victory has arrived”.

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