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It was to be called the April decree. But it took time because the measure as specified by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is worth two financial measures: 55 billion.

Let’s understand the main points:

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10 billion allocated to small and medium-sized companies which invoice up to 5 million and which suffered a drop in revenues of at least one third in April. For medium-sized enterprises (turnover between 5 and 50 billion) which suffered a similar drop in revenues, support and tax exemption for the recapitalization (not less than 250,000 euros). For companies above 50 billion in turnover, a ‘Relaunch Capital’ is set aside (through securities issued by the MEF) to grant convertible bonds, participation in capital increases and the purchase of listed shares.

Support to Start-up with the venture capital fund and the technology transfer fund.


9 more weeks of layoffs to the 9 weeks provided by the Italian Care Decree, with simplification of the assignment procedure, plus a guarantee fund for the advancement of salary integration treatments. Blocking of layoffs for another three months (in addition to the two foreseen by Cura Italia). Bonus of 600 euros for confirmed also for April. € 1,000 in May for freelancers per VAT number with separate INPS management (without enrollment in alternative social security forms) which we suffered a drop, equal to one third in the second two-month period 2020. Another € 500 bonus for those working in the agricultural sector.

For April and May allowances of 500 euros per month also for domestic workers and carers (600 euros for contracts of 20 hours per week and up).

It will be possible to request to end an employment relationship with foreign citizens or to declare the presence of an irregular (ongoing) relationship with both Italian and foreign citizens. According to the majority agreement, agricultural workers, domestic workers and carers are expected to regularize migrants and irregular workers. Foreign citizens with expired residence permit will be able to apply for a temporary permit (6 months). Request not granted to employers convicted of aiding illegal immigration or exploitation of minors or crimes related to the ‘gangster’ system. Nor to foreign citizens with expulsion order.


For those who have not enjoyed it, the babysitter bonus of Cura Italia has doubled to 1,200 euros (for doctors and health care workers from 1,000 to 2,000 euros) that can also be spent for summer centers. Another 15 days of parental leave with 30% remuneration, extended in July for children under 12 years. Private employees with children under 14 years of age will be able to work in smart working. Added (ex law 104) 12 days of leave.

Emergency income extended for another two months (from 400 to 800 euros per family per month depending on the components).

For families with Isee up to € 40,000, holiday bonuses up to € 500. Another € 140 million will be allocated to the rental fund. The bike bonus also arrives (60% of the cost does not exceed 500 euros) and incentives for public transport. For families who want to intervene on the home and improve its superbonus energy class to 110%.


3.25 billion appropriation. 1.25 billion for the local social and health sector, 1.46 for hospitals, 430.9 million for personnel interventions and 95 million for 3,800 new specialization contracts. 3,500 intensive care places (+ 115%) plus 4,200 semi-intensive. VAT zero (and 5 in 2021) on masks, disinfectants and protective devices. Recruitment of ten thousand nurses.


331 million to guarantee a safe resumption of lessons and 16 thousand stabilizations to have 32 thousand new teachers operational in September. 150 million for summer camps and combating educational poverty.


210 million to publishing, bookstores, museums and cultural sites. Emergency fund for companies and cultural institutions for the recovery of damages due to forced closure. Refund vouchers are available for those who have purchased cinema, theaters and museums tickets.


It is established that part of the betting proceeds will be allocated to the “Sports saving fund” (until July 2022). Indemnity of 600 euros for collaborative sports workers for April and May.

Local administrations

12 billion in cash advance (to be repaid in 30 years) to local and regional health authorities to pay off debts on supplies, contracts and services. Blocking of layoffs for another three months (in addition to the two foreseen by Cura Italia). An additional 3.5 billion is expected for local authorities and 100 million for Municipalities to recover lost tourist taxes.

Other tax exemptions

Blocking of VAT and excise prices and suspension of plastic and sugar tax until 2021.

For companies that bill up to € 250,000, Irap will stop in June. Irpef deductions for damaged companies and tax incentives for those who invest in them.

Eliminated the first installment of the Imu (June 16) for hotels, tourist villages, farmhouses, hostels, shelters, campsites and establishments.

60% tax credit for sanitation costs.

No tax on the occupation of public land for the outdoor tables of bars and restaurants and a tax credit of 60% for all expenses useful for their reopening.

Rilancia Italia. Here is the 55 billion maxi decree ultima modifica: 2020-05-14T11:13:00+02:00 da Redazione