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In this period, sanitizing the house has rightly become our priority. All of Italy is in quarantine and we are in a difficult period, but it will be all right. This is the motto that is heard from all the houses of the Italians and so we must continue to think about it.
If you don’t know how to spend time, cleaning the house can be a good solution both to kill time and to sanitizing the spaces in which we live all our days. Let’s see some tips.

Get rid of the mess

The first thing to do to sanitize the house is not leave things anywhere. When you come back from shopping or from work (for those who do not work smartly) – we remind you that you have to go out if strictly necessary – do not leave your jacket lying around. If you have space, try to put them in the closet, as well as shoes.

Igienizzare la casa - strumenti da utilizzare per pulire

We recommend you not to leave them in the entrance area and as soon as you return home, wash your hands thoroughly. When you come back wash everything you wear and try to blow the jacket out of the air before putting it in the wardrobe.

Sanitizing the house: all surfaces

To sanitize the house, it is necessary to clean better and more frequently than normal. You have to consider all surfaces but above all door handles and the dining table. It would be best to clean it both before and after all meals. Remember to clean everything that can come into contact with the famous “droplets” then bedside tables, sofas, pillows. If you have the possibility, change the sheets and towels more often so as to sanitize the linen.

Use hydroalcoholic solutions

We remind you never to mix various detergents together and not to exceed the recommended doses from the bottle, it can be really harmful for your health.

Igienizzare la casa con prodotti usa e getta

As for the products to be used to sanitize the house during this battle at Covid-19, hydroalcoholic solutions are needed. They have an alcohol base (ranging from 60 to 90%) and water.
The World Health Organization has released the recipes for creating do-it-yourself disinfectant. If you cannot find products such as amuchin and disinfectant gel, this solution is ideal and absolutely safe.

Use disposable objects

Prudence in this period is never enough and we always advise you to follow the indications that the Ministry continues to disclose. We advise you to use disposable gloves and sponges when you are sanitizing your house in order to avoid any type of contamination. At the end of the sanitation work, we always recommend washing your hands.

In addition to the house, it is important to sanitize all surfaces

In this article we talked about how to sanitize the house but remember that other surfaces such as those of our digital devices must also be cleaned and disinfected. Our smartphones are placed anywhere and on all surfaces, in this period therefore, it is important to remember that it is necessary to disinfect them and have the right precautions. All you need is a simple glass cleaner or at least 60% ethyl alcohol and give it a quick pass without risking ruining our devices. For PCs you can use the same precautions.

sanitizing the house

One last precaution is to air the rooms, National Institute of Health says it is crucial both at home and in the office.
For correct air exchange, simply open the windows regularly and choose the ones that are most distant from the busy streets.

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