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Today’s data, April 11, are far from good. Unfortunately, too many infections compared to the previous days. Let’s look at today’s data in detail.

The spread

Sharp rise in the data about daily infections, 4,694 new infections in the last 24 hours, 743 since yesterday. A very high number, which must absolutely decrease. The good news, however, is that data depends on a large number of swabs. Today 56,609 tests have been carried out.

april 11 data: we have to improve

Other important data

The number of current positive cases also increases. Today current positive cases are 1,996, 600 more than yesterday. Good news comes from the number of people healed, which remains constant, and where there is a slight growth. 2,079 people healed in the past 24 hours (+94 since yesterday). As a consequence of the many infections, the daily percentage changes also increases, passing from 2.75% yesterday to 3.18%.

From hospitals

There is another encouraging decline in the number of ICU patients, with 116 people less out of the total number. The number of patients hospitalized with symptoms also falls, 98 fewer. Encouraging data for doctors and nurses who have faced critical situations in recent weeks, which are slowly improving.

Let’s stya at home

As we can see, this virus is far from easy to beat. Staying at home is the most important thing for everyone. Unfortunately will spend Easter and Easter Monday at home, but there is nothing else to do, we must continue the lockdown to see important drops in the coming days.

Death tool

Unfortunately, another increase in daily deaths has been recorded. Today, 619 victims, 49 more than yesterday.

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