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The spread

The data of the infected people decreases considerably. Today 1,739 new cases have been recorded, out of a total of 199,414. This figure is conditioned by a low number of swabs: 32,003. The percentage of positive swabs is however 5.4%, a very important figure which remains relatively low.

Other important data

Another very encouraging figure is that of the current positive cases, which returns to being negative. That is, today there are less current positive cases than yesterday. 290 fewer. This figure is certainly a consequence of the number of people healed, 1,696 more than yesterday. The epidemic curve also descends, from 1.19% to 0.88%.

From hospitals

The posetive trend about hospital pressure continues, thanks to a large decrease in ICU patients and patients hospitalized with symptoms. ICU patients are 1,956, 53 patients less than yesterday. Another recorded drop is in the number of patients hospitalized with symptoms, 1019 fewer patients, out of a total of 20,353.

Death tool

Finally, decreases in the number of daily deaths begin to be recorded. In fact, 333 passes away in the last 24 hours.

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